Legal Shield Testimonials

legal shield testimonials

Look at what these proud members of Legal Shield had to say…

“I spoke to 8 attorneys about my case before joining LegalShield. They quoted me $10,000 to $80,000 in legal fees for a claim of $68,000. They all felt I would not collect more than 50% of my claim and several turned down the case. LegalShield got me $60,000 and the only additional fees to the monthly (fee) has been $35!”

-Florida Member, Pamela Gordon

“Being an Associate, I travel most the time and while in New Mexico I had some car repairs that were needed and the issue was not resolved. I contacted my local provider [law firm] in Louisiana, for assistance. I was amazed how quick they had an attorney in New Mexico contact me. I had a phone call from our New Mexico provider, within eight hours and the matter was resolved within 36 hours! Amazing and fast service for anylegal matter and I know of no other organization in the United States that could have pulled this off! Our LegalShield network ‘Knocked it out of the Park’!!!!”

-Louisiana Member and Independent Sales Associate, W. Carpenter


“I discounted (my sales associate’s) recommendation for way too long. I wish I would have joined LegalShield when she suggested it! This service saved me thousands of dollars after I enrolled and would have saved me many thousands more. I’ve already recommended this service to several friends.”

-Indiana Member, William Moss


“When I was first introduced to this service, I had a lot of stress going on at once — 3 back-to-back business ventures failed, leaving me about $40K in debt, collectors were calling several times daily to collect money I didn’t have, and not only did I lose my car but my license was suspended due to unpaid traffic violations. By the time I learned about LegalShield and enrolled, the fines, fees and court costs on my suspended drivers license had grown significantly — it would be about $1800 to get my license back…which I didn’t have. I nervously called LegalShield to ask if they could help. The attorney who called me back listened to my situation, asked me to send my tickets and all correspondence in for him to review, and said, ‘let me see what I can do’. He called me a few days later and said, ‘I have good news and bad news; the bad news is I wasn’t able to eliminate all the fees to renew your license… but the good news is that I was able to get one ticket dismissed due to a filing discrepancy, another dismissed on statute of limitations, and that $1800 is now $125 and in the system now so you can go get your license back today. I was blown away and grateful, I borrowed $125 and a car, and drove illegally (for the very last time) to the DMV to get my license that day. Holding that temporary license in my hands a few hours later, I knew I’d tell everyone about LegalShield.”

-T. P. Austin, TX


“I was on an overnight business trip and saw a vending machine selling 16 oz. Monster energy drinks. I put in $2.75, and out came the Monster – or so I thought. Nothing I did was going to get that 16 oz. can out of the hole designed for 12 oz. cans. Being a Good Samaritan, I called the toll-free number on the vending machine — I was leaving the next morning, so I wasn’t expecting my money back… I just wanted to help out another business owner because no one was getting anything out of that machine with my can stuck there. The rudest person I’ve ever spoken to answered the phone. As I tried explaining the situation, he actually called me a B-word. WHAT? Oh, yes he did! I ended the call and shared my experience with some friends that evening when one encouraged me to call LegalShield. We all laughed … and strictly based on principle, I did. When the attorney called me back, he even chuckled and asked what I wanted him to do. I didn’t know, but I said no one should be spoken to like that. My attorney agreed, then asked for my home address and the number I’d dialed the night before. About 10 days later, I got an awkward, heavy envelope in the mail with 4 stamps. I opened it up to find $2.75 in quarters and a yellow Post-It note with ‘I can’t believe you called an attorney’ written on it. Hey, it was the principle. 😉 “

 -T.P. Austin, TX


“I’ve owned a home and paid for homeowners insurance for over 20 years and have never used it … but I’m not going to cancel it. I’ve paid for medical insurance for almost 20 years, and with a $10,000 deductible, I’ve never gotten one penny of value out of it … but I won’t cancel it. I’ve paid into automobile insurance for almost 30 years and haven’t caused a single accident … but I won’t cancel it. I’ve paid into life insurance for over 20 years and, believe it or not, I haven’t gotten any value from it … but I won’t cancel it. I’ve had Legalshield for 17 years and I’ve used it hundreds of times; I used it for things as small as $1.50 (it was the principle), and for lawsuits that were over $1 million (I was an investor in a subdivision that crashed when the economy turned south). LegalShield has reviewed all my contracts and documents before I bought real estate and they have updated my estate plan every time we had a new kid, bought a new car or house, or each time the tax laws changed. If times got hard and I had to downsize, I’d let every other insurance product I pay for go before I dropped my LegalShield plan, because it’s the only thing I get value from every single year. Every other policy requires me to wait for something catastrophic to happen before I get any value.”

~ D.H. American Fork, Utah


“So, yesterday I was visiting my doctor’s office, which is attached to a strip mall. The strip mall security targeted me and gave me a ticket for trespassing! I suppressed my urge to scream, yell and kick up a fuss – instead, I just pulled out my phone, opened my LegalShield app, took a picture of the ticket using the SNAP feature and it was sent directly to my Law Firm. It was after hours yesterday, so a very friendly lawyer called me today to inform me that the ticket has no merit and I have no obligation whatsoever to pay. 😀 How may people would have just payed the $250?? That paid for my membership for the rest of the year!! Thank you, LegalShield!! If you don’t have it, GET IT!!”

-Alison Njie


“I have been using it for so long now because this is the best thing that I bought since I moved to U.S.A. in 1989. I wish I knew back then. My life would be so much easier. A great thing about it is that I can talk to a lawyer within 24 hours who will give me the best advise with a low cost. I have been saving a lot of money using LegalShield. It is not easy to make living in the U.S.A., but I feel that I have the best adviser next to me all the time being a member. Thank you so much for being there for me!!”

-California Member and Independent Sales Associate, Toshie Haga

“I had a set of defective furniture – still under warranty. The company said “sorry that’s not covered.” I called my law firm, and emailed pictures. The warranty company is in Illinois so the law firm referred me to an Illinois law firm. They wrote a letter on my behalf. Today I got an email and phone call from the general manager of the company!! He would like to reimburse us the cost of our furniture ($3,500) toward a new set of furniture of our choice!! Who doesn’t keep your law firm on speed dial?”
~Kansas Member and Independent Sales Associate, Michelle Miller


“This was about a chime ringing in the neighbors’ house whenever a car (also mine) passed into the shared driveway. The chime was placed on the post that is on our land. I really felt uneasy and I sent an email asking to remove it. They answered that they did not want to remove it. Called LegalShield and was advised to keep the great neighborly relationship great above all. I thought of what to do and next time I drove out, I noticed that the chime was gone! Thank you for your wise advice, and thanks to God for my great neighbors!”

-Arizona Member


About LegalShield

LegalShield is one of the North America’s leading providers of legal safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses. The company also offers one of the industry’s most affordable and comprehensive identity theft plans, IDShield. LegalShield plans provide protection to more than 4.2 million individuals, and IDShield provides identity monitoring and restoration services to more than one million individuals across North America. In addition, LegalShield and IDShield serve more than 141,000 businesses.

For as low as $20 per month, LegalShield members get access to attorneys with an average of 19 years of experience in areas such as family matters, estate planning, financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues. Unlike other legal plans or do-it-yourself websites, LegalShield has dedicated law firms in 50 states and four provinces in Canada that members can call for help without having to worry about high hourly rates.

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