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Tyronne Ratcliff here…

And welcome to my team training page!

This page was designed to help my team members in Lead Lightning get results with their marketing. When I say results I mean traffic,leads,sales and signups.

So let’s get started…

For the rest of your internet marketing career there will only be 2 kinds of marketing you will do,passive marketing and active marketing. Active marketing is when you actively go out and try to get business.

Here are a couple forms of active marketing:

-Facebook Prospecting
-Calling/Texting friends and family
-Messaging people on Instagram
-Private messaging people on forums
-Communicating with people on Skype

These are definitely great ways to get signups with Lead Lightning if you approach people in the right manner and you have the proper skills in place. If you’re on my team in Lead Lightning private message me on facebook and I’ll give you the login details to my FREE facebook marketing course.

This course right here will teach YOU how to have simple conversations with people on facebook so you can get signups with your MLM,biz-opp,affiliate program,marketing system,etc…

Now…my favorite form of marketing is passive marketing because it’s more leveraged! Passive marketing is also referred to as content marketing.

My favorite kind of passive marketing is blogging…

I can spend an hour or so creating one blog post and once I get it to rank on the 1st page of Google it basically sits there working for me 24/7…generating me traffic,leads and sales on auto-pilot!

Here are a couple forms of passive marketing:

-Blog posts
-YouTube videos
-Ezine Articles
-Facebook Notes

Don’t get me wrong,you’ll get quicker results with active marketing and it’s perfect for people just getting started out. But you MUST get good at passive marketing if you want to be perceived as an authority in you niche and have a long stable career in the internet marketing industry.

Learning how to create valuable & engaging content that solves people’s problems is how you make the BIG MONEY in internet marketing and don’t let anyone tell you different!

If you’re a newbie take massive action with your active marketing and then jump in a learn how to MASTER one form of content marketing.

Now,if you really want to get leads and sales in the next 24 to 48 hours you can always go out and buy some traffic. The best kind of traffic to send to MLM/biz-opp/affiliate offers is solo ad traffic. I buy all of my solo ad traffic from a place called Udimi.

Open up your free Udimi account RIGHT HERE.

Contact me on Facebook and I’ll let you know the 2 best guys to buy traffic from. I also have sample swipes for people who join under me in Udimi and My Lead System Pro/Lead Lightning

You can find me on Facebook at the link below:


Happy Marketing!

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