Lead Capture Pages- A Tool To Generate Network Marketing Leads

by Tyronne

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network marketing leads

To have any success in your MLM business, you need to get enough people to buy your products and services, or join the business opportunity you are apart of. The challenge is finding the right people, you need to think of ways to generate network marketing leads, luckily there are all sorts of ways of doing this. Let me give you an idea on what you can use to get your lead flow going.

The first thing you need to is to drive traffic to your site. A lot of MLM business owners are on the social networks, creating articles and videos as their marketing strategy.These are awesome tools that get you interested readers to your site, but simply getting them to your site is not enough, your task doesn’t end there. What you need to do is convert these visitors into leads, and eventually customers. Some of the people that reached your site wont even think about getting anything from you, buy the keyword is YET. They’re probably just there to get an answer to a question they had or just checking things out. So what you need is a way to get them in your funnel so you can follow up with them.

This is when your lead capture page comes into the equation. The lead capture page is usually the landing page of your site. It is what welcomes your visitors when they come. The most important part of your lead capture page is the box where your visitors are supposed to leave their contact info for you. The problem nowadays is people are reluctant to leave their email address because of spam and things like that, let alone their phone number. That’s why your lead capture page must have something enticing to encourage your readers to give out their information.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Let me give you an example, if a lead capture page tells you they’ll send you a 7-day bootcamp on attraction marketing to your email inbox over the next couple of days, wouldn’t you be giving out your email address at the drop of a hat? Well, that’s the trick. It’s common human psychology for people to see what’s in it for them before giving something to you in return. This is something easy to understand and only takes some common sense, but for some reason people fail to notice this.

If you have an effective lead capture page, you are now on your way to getting leads that are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Converting these leads into business partners will be what it takes to keep your business going for the long run.

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Josh Coffy August 15, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Awesome post Tyronne! I use Aweber for all of my email marketing! (As a matter of fact, I’m about to send out a broadcast to my list now! 😉 Keep rocking my friend! 🙂

Building My List,

P.S. Join my facebook page man! 🙂 http://facebook.com/workwithjoshcoffy

tyronne August 21, 2011 at 4:08 am

I’ve tried other services before but I think Aweber is the easiest to use, it’s well worth $19 a month

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