iZigg Review

by Tyronne

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I’m guessing since you’re reading this review, that you’re looking for some information regarding the iZigg opportunity and you’re probably thinking about becoming a distributor. Before you decide to join, I recommend you read this entire review so you can make an informed decision. In this review, I’ll go into the actual company, the services they market, the business opportunity and whether it is or isn’t a good business opportunity.

Who Is iZigg?

iZigg is a new company to come onto the scene that specializes in selling mobile marketing services through a direct sales/network marketing business model. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and operates throughout the United States. The company is led by co-founders Brian Underwood and David Liniado, who have experience in leading direct sales companies. As far as marketing is concerned, it’s good to know that there is an enormous market for the services that iZigg promotes. What you’ll come to find out in this article is what they market is a benefit to traditional businesses, because they’re constantly looking for better and more effective ways to advertise and get customer exposure.

What Does iZigg Market?

iZigg markets two different mobile marketing services. Their premier service is the iZigg mCard, which offers people and businesses the ability to share information and promotions through text message. Which will enable them to reach potential customers through mobile phone, which in turn will minimize the need for paper advertising. Their other service is iZigg 90210, which gives businesses the ability to connect with people and promote their business based on keywords the business owner chooses. iZigg plans start from $99.95/month to $1500/month, obviously the bigger plans having more benefits and features. It makes perfect business sense to be in this market considering there are more than 4 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and people are more likely to check text messages on their phone then open up email. Mobile marketing may very will be the wave of the future when it comes to businesses promoting their products and services. Check out a case study below explaining how the Boulder City Nevada Chamber of Commerce benefited from  text marketing.


The iZigg Business Opportunity

Lets go over the compensation plan. iZigg’s binary comp plan allows you to make money in 5 different ways. The first way is through retail profits, you can earn up to 25% commissions on your customers. The second way to earn money is with a 25% direct bonus on all distributors you personally sponsor. The third way you get paid is through team overrides, where you can earn from 10%-15% on the volume of your smaller leg. The fourth way is with matching bonuses, where you can earn up to 20% of the binary income on your team, all way down 5 levels. The fifth and final way to make money is based on your rank and how well you perform. One perk is a $1500 car bonus and another one is a $3,000 a month lifestyle bonus. After everything is all said and done, the iZigg compensation plan can be very rewarding for the right person, or should I say the person who has a burning desire to succeed. In closing, iZigg is a really good company. They have good leadership at the helm, a marketable service, and a good compensation plan. That being said, having all of that in place is not enough to succeed. Having a credible company with a stable foundation is definitely critical to your business, but essentially your success in any business will depend on your ability to sponsor and recruit new people into your business, market the company products to acquire customers, and to get your team to do the same. I recommend you use a proven attraction marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money off of the people that say no to your business and sponsor people into your backend opportunity. Need leads for your iZigg business?

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