Is Project Payday A Scam Or A Legitimate Opportunity?

by Tyronne

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project payday

Is it true you can earn lots of money with Project Payday or is it another one of those internet scams?

Here’s how Project Payday works in a nutshell

Let’s come to an agreement. You go sign up to receive a free bottle of the newest miracle drug. It’s valued at $49.95  but you’ll only have to pay $4.95 shipping and handling.

You send me your receipt and I pay you $20 for your effort and a reminder that you need to cancel your monthly autoship that you might or might not have realized you were signing up for.

Great deal uh? You pay $5 , get back $20 and make $15 in profit.

The affiliate that referred you also makes a nice little check because the acne cure company paid them a good commission to get a new sale. Appears like a great situation. Or maybe you’re scratching your head?

Is Project Payday a great way to make some extra cash or just another gimmick?

What I just explained above is an example of what’s called incentivized selling, and Project Payday is a training course that teaches you how to earn commissions promoting cost per action (CPA)  offers in a similar way.

Not everyone is familiar with cost per action selling. This involves free or extremely reasonable trial offers which is a marketing tactic to get products into the hands of new people, hoping they eventually become life long customers.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen those flashing banners all over the Internet that say get a free Ipod just pay for shipping, or get a free laptop by simply filling out this survey. These are known in the business as incentivized freebie sites, and is the same business model Project Payday follows.

These companies actually give you these products for free after completing a survey or after a  certain number of affiliate offers, but there’s a catch.

Before you qualify to get the item in question you either hand over your personal information, complete a minimum number of trial offers,buy products on a monthly basis (autoship), or maybe get some of your friends and family to complete the same offer.

It’s a given that a few people will actually  have an interest in certain goods and services and that’s a different situation. This method of marketing is a strategy that offers people bribes to get them to finish offers, and the most important thing to remember is to cancel immediately to prevent losing any money, so then the only one losing cash is the company that’s trying to get you on the product.

The company is losing cash because it’s paying the affiliate and you for doing something that is essentially unethical and devious. Consequently, the answer to any question about Project Payday will probably include the phrase “scam”. But if you’re low on morals and are happy to collect commissions that way, enough people will do what you do and at some point the company will go broke and you would have shot yourself in the foot! Who wants that?

Unfortunately there are plenty of  people making large incomes doing this part time by promoting these dubious CPA offers. The ones which make the serious money are those that can promote offers that get people coming to them (attraction marketing) who have a genuine interest in buying their products.

If you can master the art and science of marketing and advertising it’s possible you can do the same as well!


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tyronne ratcliff
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