Internet Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

by Tyronne

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internet network marketing secrets

There is a blurring of the lines nowadays between internet marketing and network marketing, but fundamentally all of the techniques used in some way can be used on the internet. Internet network marketing can mean promoting a product via forums, a website, or by using social networking sites, the only difference between internet marketing and network marketing is that network marketers are sponsoring and recruiting to build a downline as well as promoting their products and services.

If you have learned to promote your products successfully, then people will be clamoring to join your team, because they see how well you are doing and want a piece of the action too.

For example, if you promote Amazon products on your blog and use the other forms of marketing out there, why would you need to get involved in a MLM?

The secret is easy to understand, because by getting others to sell products for you, you can make significantly more money in the long term, you’ll be leveraging other people’s time and expertise.

It’s possible to end up with a team of thousands of people, all making a reasonable income while you get a tiny portion of their revenues. Affiliate marketing on the other hand means marketing and selling a product, and then waiting to sell another product with you doing all the work!

With network marketing leveraging aother person’s time and effort is the key and the secret to real wealth, and with a team of thousands you can see how much simpler it is going to be to generate an awesome income.

For sake of discussion, lets say you devote twenty hours every week on your network marketing business, and over a period of time you recruit another 20 people who all work roughly 20 hours each week – thats an extra 400 hours added to your work week!

Internet Network Marketing Income Opportunities

There are people who earn a living combining network marketing and internet marketing ,but if they find they are becoming successful at network marketing they’ll shortly realize they are working a lot a less hours to earn the bulk of their revenue. Why is this? Internet marketing means consistently monitoring all the new launches and affiliate products that come onto the market daily,doing market research and picking the right keywords,and then creating articles and building backlinks. Many of us outsource this task, nevertheless it can be tough to find good writers and to continually monitor them and to make sure they get things done on schedule,this will cost time and money.

I know one guy that has over 500 sites promoting affiliate products, a few of these sites only produce one or two dollars a day he does make an excellent living but boy does he have a lot of work on his hands!

There’s also a high rate of failure both in internet and network marketing, the problem with a lot of people is they want results now but don’t understand the work that is involved.

If this is your thinking you might want to treat this as something you do in your spare time or something you do when you feel like it. Don’t expect to get instant results going this route.

With either business the important thing to understand is you need to promote them effectively, with network marketing you definitely need to learn the secrets of lead generation. If you’re prepared to get your business on the fast track then stop playing around and learn the real secret to internet network marketing? You’ll find out more by clicking here==>

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Tyronne Ratcliff





P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here



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Akos Fintor December 10, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Hey Tyronne,

Cutting edge content as always. Thanks for sharing your views on the future of MLM and internet marketing.

Tyronne December 10, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Thanks Akos, the internet is here to stay and I can say with conviction that generating leads online is more effective, not taking anything away from people who build their businesses offline, that works as well.

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