How to Make Money Being a 21st Century Hybrid Marketer

by Tyronne

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The thing most people struggle with when trying to build an online business isn’t traffic or conversions…it’s usually due to lack of direction and not having a solid game plan to follow

That’s why you always hear 6 & 7 figure earners talk about the importance of having coaches and mentors. Coaches and mentors can provide you with clarity,accountability and a roadmap to get you to your income goals!

In this article I’d like to explain why being a “hybrid marketer” is your best plan of attack because you have the ability to combine the power of affiliate marketing and network marketing

But let me talk about marketing budgets for a second since it’s relevant to my hybrid marketing strategy

If you want your online business to generate a stable income month after month you MUST have some sort of marketing budget.

You can start advertising on Facebook for as little as $150 per month (that’s a $5 a day ad budget). Or maybe you like buying solo ads like I do.

The point is to pick out one marketing strategy and work it for 90 days so you become a master at it.

By the way,if you don’t want to devote any of your “entertainment money” to an online business there is a way around that,keep reading…

I’m what you would call a 21st century hybrid marketer. A “hybrid marketer” is someone who makes money with affiliate marketing and network marketing.

I have what I call my “hybrid cash strategy” which is simply buying traffic with the profits I generate from my network marketing business so I can quickly scale my online business.

To implement what I’m doing going this day forward check out my step-by-step training below:

Step #1 – Check out this 40 minute presentation right here. In this 40 minute video you’ll learn the facts about the company I’m in,the products we market and how YOU can get paid daily by simply sharing information with other people. If you want the ability to have money in your bank account in the next couple of days this is the business opportunity for you. After you watch the presentation I’ll give you a call so I can get some of your questions answered and introduce you to some of my business partners

Step #2 – Take My Lead Sytem Pro for a 10 day risk-free test drive. MLSP is an attraction marketing system that will teach you how to build a successful online business by providing value to your target market.

Step #3 – Buy traffic from Udimi. The money I make with my primary company goes to buying solo ad traffic. Buying solo ad traffic is the best way to build a list fast and get instant exposure to your various business opportunities.

Step #4 – Get plugged into my team training. I have a free facebook marketing course for people who join me in my primary MLM business opportunity. This course RIGHT HERE will teach you how to prospect and recruit people off of facebook spending only a few hours a day. Never pay for leads again!

Here is the formula…

1 – Build your network marketing business with facebook marketing (it’s fast, easy and duplicatable). I have the opportunity and training to do both.

2 – Buy traffic with the profits from your MLM (Check out Step#3 above)

3 – Send traffic to a sales process that converts (MLSP and my ongoing support and mentoring will help you with that)

If you have any questions let me know in the comments section below!

Talk to you later,

Tyronne Ratcliff

Quote of the day:

“Success is not something you run after, but something you ATTRACT by the person you become”







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