How To Setup A WordPress Blog In 30 Minutes Or Less

by Tyronne

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how to setup a wordpress blog

A wordpress blog is one of the most valuable assets you can build for your business. It’s the “home” of your business online, a friendly place where people can learn about you, learn from you, and “marinate” a while before you ask them to join your list.

In this blog post,I’m going to take you from start to finish in setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog that YOU OWN AND CONTROL. Here are a few of the things I’ll be covering:

-What domain registrar to use and why
-What to call your domain
-What hosting to get and why
-Video tutorial showing you how to point your GoDaddy domain to Host Gator’s servers
-How to install WordPress on your server using Fantastico
-What theme I recommend and why

1 – Register A Domain Name – The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. I buy all of my domains from GoDaddy. I find that it’s easier if you buy all of your domains with one domain registrar so you can keep track of them easier. You’re probably wondering what’s a good name for your domain. Check out a few of my suggestions in the paragraphs below.

I recommend that you register your first and last name. For example, my site is If your name is a common name,it’s possible the domain name is already taken. If your name is already taken (you have the name of a movie star,famous person,athlete,etc) you have a few other options:

Option 1 – You can put a hyphen between your first and last name like this:

Option 2- You can register whois and your name:

Option 3- You can register your name online, for example:

Option 4 – Or for people who want to work with you: OR

2 – Get Hosting – After registering your domain name you need a place to host it.When hosting your domain you want to consider your hosting provider. I recommend using Host Gator. I believe the baby plan is $6.36 for the first month (20% off) and then $9.95 per month thereafter.

Host Gator is affordable and offers all the tools you need in one place which makes it simpler to learn and use. Plus they have kickass support! You will be setting up your domain with full cPanel access, cPanel is where you will manage your domain files, uploads and a few other important things, it’s where you can install WordPress. On to the next step.

3 – Point Your GoDaddy Domain To Host Gator’s Servers – By default your GoDaddy domain is on GoDaddy’s servers. We don’t want that. We want to point our domain to Host Gator’s servers since we are hosting are site with them. Check out the tutorial below showing you how to do that step-by-step:

4 – Install WordPress – Your next step is installing wordpress on your domain. There’s a nifty program within your cpanel called Fantistico that will install wordpress with a few clicks of the mouse.

Install WordPress On Your Server With Fantastico:

5 – Install a professional looking Theme – After installing WordPress you want to go out and get a professional looking theme. The default wordpress theme ain’t gonna cut it. Thousands of other blogs use that theme (it’s ugly in my opinion) and you want to stand out from the crowd. I use the Thesis Theme on my blog and I couldn’t be happier. It makes my wordpress blog more SEO friendly to the search engines and I love all of the customization options.

Well there you go,a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup a wordpress blog.By the way, I recommend tools,courses, and systems from time to time and do make a small commission if you buy through my link. Have a quicker way to install a wordpress blog? Give me your feedback in the comments section below,thanks!

To your continued success,

Tyronne Ratcliff

















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