A Simple Strategy To Rank YouTube Videos In Minutes

by Tyronne

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youtube video marketingBecause of all the changes with Google’s algorithm, it’s becoming harder and harder to rank pages on your site. Why? Because a lot of SEOs are hesitant when building links to their sites in fear that they might get penalized. One of the best ways to make money online right now is ranking “parasite pages” on big authority sites like YouTube and Facebook (Facebook pages rank on Google’s first page). In this post I’ll give you a step-by-step blueprint to get YouTube videos to rank on the first page of Google,so you can generate traffic,leads,and sales.

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Step 1 – Make a video and upload it to YouTube

Before you can rank your YouTube video on Google you actually need to create one! You can use free software like Windows Movie Maker but I highly suggest you use either Snagit or Camtasia Studio. Snagit is perfect for doing tutorials and product reviews plus it wont hurt your wallet ($50). You can also upgrade to more advanced screen capturing software like Camtasia when you feel you are ready.

YouTube Marketing Tips:

-Add tons of videos to your YouTube account,channels with more videos get better results
-Longer videos tend to rank better,videos are just like articles,blogs,and other types of content. You’ll have a competitive advantage with longer content.
-Use professional looking thumbnails. One service I highly recommend is Tube Slicer.
-When you save your video to your hard drive make sure the file name is the name of the keyword you’re targeting

Video Description:

-Make sure the keyword you are targeting is in the title of your video. For example,if the keyword you’re targeting is “Magic Submitter Review”,you will need to have that entire keyword phrase in your title. Preferably in the beginning.
-Your target keyword should appear in your description
-Limit your descriptions to 300 words or less,don’t over optimize it with your keywords!
-Have the appropriate tags at the bottom of your description. Also include related keywords (LSI keywords)
-Add keywords that a buyer would type into a search engine. Use keywords like Buy,Review,or Offer in the title of your video. This lets your visitors know you’re intention and that you’re being honest with them,no trickery needed (people will respect that)

Step 2 Offsite SEO

Now on to the fun part. How to do your offsite SEO (linkbuilding) to get your videos to rank on Google.

1 – Add a link to the video on your blog. Another thing you can do is embed the video on your blog and have the content of your video in text form (have it transcribed). Embedding your video on your blog will help rack up views especially if you have a large following.

2 – Submit your YouTube video link at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?pli=1

webmaster_tools_sub3 – Join SocialAdr and subscribe to their Social Booster account. This account will give you 30 active URLS (videos). They also take care of all of the account creation and social sharing saving you a ton of time! The steps to add your bookmark are in the screenshot below:


1 – The link to your YouTube video
2 – Your target keywords,spun {|},along with generic keyword and variations of the URL you are submitting.


{video marketing|youtube ranking secrets|youtube ranking|video ranking secrets|video ranking}|{click here|check|video|youtube|clickthis}|{https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqOz6ALzOvY|youtube.com/watch?v=KqOz6ALzOvY|youtube.com}

-The green text above are the keywords you’re targeting,each separated by a pipe character |

-The orange text are generic keywords like “click here” and “check this”. You need to have keyword diversity,5 or so generic keywords will suffice.

-The blue text are what SEOs call “naked URLs.” Naked URLs are simply variations of your URL. Use the full URL of your YouTube video,the URL without the “https://www” in the beginning,and just “youtube.com”. Make sure all of your spun text is correct by closing it off with brackets {},you can also click “Spin Preview” to check that your using proper spintax.

3 – A spun description of your video. I like using Spin Rewriter to spin my titles and descriptions.

4 – Tags that describe the content of your video and that are related to the keywords you’re targeting.

5 – Select the category that your video would fit under.

6 – Select “Normal” for the submission rate of your video

7 – I set the submission limit to 100, if your rankings drop and you need a boost you can increase the limit or remove it altogether.

On to the next step…

Buy 1,000 blog comments from One Hour Backlinks to link to your video.


1 – Select blog comments for link type >> Unenhanced

2 – How Many Backlinks Would You Like? >>Drag the slider to the right to 1,000 backlinks ($18)

3 – Keywords/Phrases

4 – Paste the URL to your video here

5 – Under “Generate a comment for me” make sure the checkbox is checked

6 – Give it a “Project Name”

7 – Report Email: The email address you want your link report sent to

Step 3 – The reality is the ultra competitive keywords will be harder to rank for,so you might have to buy more backlinks and do some manual linkbuilding. Below are a few other things you can do to get more backlinks:

-Hit up Fiverr and buy a backlinking gig,one vendor I highly recommend is crorkservice

-Go to Google+ and type in the keyword you’re trying to rank your video for. Go to different Google Plus Pages,leave a valuable comment and drop the link to the video you want to rank.

-Manual blog commenting with your target keyword in name field (if permitted)

-Use a blasting tool like Magic Submitter,of course using this linkbuilding tool won’t give you instant results but it something you can add to your arsenal.

Ranking YouTube videos to generate affiliate income is HOT right now. It’s a great way to get traffic to your affiliate offers and there’s really no risk on your part since you’re not spamming your own money site. To date, I don’t know anyone who has gotten their YouTube account shutdown because of excessive backlinking to their videos. What say you? Any strategies you would like to share with the internet marketing community? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


























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