How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step

by Tyronne

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how to make money with affiliate marketing

People love step-by-step training that will help them get to where they want to go. So if you want to make money with affiliate marketing you’re definitely in the right place!

How to make money with affiliate marketing,step-by-step…

Step #1 – Create a lead magnet that solves a specific problem
your target market is facing. This is the best way to start building
an email list and starts the relationship off on the right foot.

Plus it positions YOU as an authority since you created the
content yourself.

Step #2 – Get your email subscribers to know,like and trust you.
If you promised your subscribers a free e-book and delivered on
that promise you’ve already established a little trust. Now get your
subscribers to know & like you by sharing with them your
story/mission and providing value first.

Step #3 – Once you get your subcribers to know,like and trust you
(I call it the KLT method) it’s time to SELL to them. It’s your moral and ethical duty
to sell products that solve the problems of your target market.

The best way to sell to your target market is through WEBINARS!

It’s real simple…

Build your audience…engage your audience…then sell to your audience!

Here are the tools you’ll need to get the job done:

Ready-made lead magnets,funnel builder,blog platform – Click here for more info
Auto-Responder so you can build am email list and communicate with your subscribers – Click here for more info
Course teaching you how to make serious money with webinars – Click here for more info

On a budget? Promote this $7 marketing system and earn $6 every time you refer someone.

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If you have any questions hit me up in the comments section below!

Talk to you later,

Tyronne Ratcliff




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