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by Tyronne

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Many  home based business owners I work with would like to learn how to make money online, but a majority of them haven’t even started, have quit too soon or or have become  inundated with information. ( info overload)

Whatever the case may be, if you haven’t made a $1 online it would be a good idea to use a proven system. What I suggest is using a specific set of tools with the right training, and getting involved with a community that can provide you insight, answers and accountability. The system I’ve used myself and have gotten results with is My Lead System Pro.

Being able to have access to the industries top leaders in the field, training and marketing knowledge is priceless, but being able to have it at your fingertips without having to spend money is even better.

One feature about My Lead System Pro that makes it so useful to new members is the 21 affiliate programs you can make money with that are integrated into the system, can you say multiple streams of income! A lot of these income streams pay you residually and some of them pay you only one time. This upfront cashflow can be put into paid marketing or maybe used to cover your company’s autoship or  buy tools like magazines,DVD’s, and brochures.

Generating upfront cashflow from people that may or may not join your primary business is the whole idea of a funded proposal.

So how do you get your My Lead System Pro membership for free?

With simple math. They pay you residually for every person you refer to the system, as long as they are an active member you get paid. So if you have 3 active members on your team in MLSP, you would be making a minimum of $45 each month from those active subscriptions, that’s all residual!  ($15 a month for each person you refer).

Members can also upgrade to the platinum level which has additional features like custom popups for your blog and templates for your facebook fan page if you happen to have one.  With just a few signups you’ll have the cost of that covered as well.What I went over is just the beginning. I haven’t even talked about the income you’ll generate from the affiliate offers and the primary business that you have tied into the system’s email followup campaigns. MLSP has been proven to work for a lot of people and it can work for you as well!

Being able to cover the cost of the membership each month is an easily obtainable goal for new members to go after. The professionally designed capture pages, emails, and training provided for your leads do the job of establishing trust and providing value, giving you more time to focus on finding ways to drive targeted traffic to your site.The system promotes your affiliate programs and primary business on complete autopilot. And of course the system promotes itself, but at the end of the day it’s about YOU promoting your brand, which should be based on the concept of providing value.

That’s how you get My Lead System Pro for free each month. Take your test drive here; It might be the best decision you ever make!

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In Prosperity,

Tyronne Ratcliff



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