How To Get A Link To Open In Another Tab Using HTML

by Tyronne

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This may seem a little confusing for some people but I’m guessing you’ve wondered how to get a link to open up in another tab or window. This article will be sort of like an HTML tutorial but don’t worry. If you happen to blog with wordpress you really don’t need to know this but knowing a little HTML can’t hurt.

Personally when I’m surfing online I hate going to a site, clicking on a link and having it take me away to another page on the site. I’d rather have it open in another tab.

So let’s get started with a simple HTML tutorial.

It’s as simple as adding the HTML snippet  target=”_blank”  to the end of the URL. This is what the HTML would look like if you did this:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” >Tyronne’s MLM Blog</a>

This snippet of HTML code above basically has the anchor text Tyronne’s MLM Blog pointing to the home page of my blog which is The link would also open up in another tab as well.

Click on Tyronne’s MLM Blog to see this code in action.

Always remember to put this snippet at the end of the URL but outside of the ending quote.

Happy Blogging,

How To Get A Link To Open In Another Tab

How To Get A Link To Open In Another Tab

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