How To Generate Home Based Business Leads

by Tyronne

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home based business leads

Spending money on home based business leads may seem like a knee-jerk reaction when wanting to explode your business and become a top earner in your company. However it’s just not that profitable for home based business owners in general. Only a few can turn a profit buying home based business leads. In this article I’ll go over some ways you can immediately start generating leads, some of the methods are free and some will require a small budget.

The first free method that I personally like myself is article marketing. If you are just starting out with this strategy don’t worry if you aren’t a great writer, the important thing is that you just get some content out there on the internet and to do it on a consistent basis. Just make sure that the content isn’t something you plagarized. It’s ok if you use someone’s article as a template but make sure you add your own flavor to it. There are thousands of articles directories on the internet you can submit your articles to.

The second way to generate home based business leads is with video marketing. This is another one of my favorites. Youtube is one of the top ten most visited websites in the world. Video marketing is a good way to get yourself out there and let it all hang out. Let people know who you are and what business you are in. Just like with article marketing make sure you provide value.

Another way to generate home based business leads is through social media. The important thing with this method is to have proper etiquette. Make sure your not on Facebook pitching your home based business to anybody and everybody. Social media is a good platform for building relationships and connecting with people who are like-minded. Make comments to people’s statuses and profiles, when you do this you will create followers.

The fastest way to generate home based business leads is paid traffic. Basically you pay money to companies like Google,Yahoo, Bing,Facebook and even YouTube to strategically place your ads in front of your target market, in this case people who want to own a home based business. Just so you know with this method you can lose a lot of money rather quickly if you don’t have the proper training, so be careful.

This is where an attraction marketing system comes into play. There are a lot of advantages to having an attraction marketing system compared to some of the other methods I just talked about in this article. One of them being marketing training and the ability to attract the right people into your business.

Here is your FREE 7 day bootcamp on attraction marketing that I have used to generate home based business leads and make affiliate commissions off of the people who have actually said no to my primary opportunity.

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