How To Find Your Voice Online

by Tyronne

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finding your voice

A question I often get is “How do I find my own voice when I’m first starting out online? Well the simple answer is to take massive action and over time you’ll find it! That’s true but let me expound on this subject a little further.You see there are a lot of people online that think if they imitate other successful marketers that they will achieve success faster.Which is the worst thing you can do as a marketer because eventually you’ll just be seen as an imposter. What you really want to do is focus on being the best YOU that YOU can be. Find your own voice and over time you will attract the people that are just like you. That’s really what we do as attraction marketers,we attract a certain type of person with our marketing, and the great thing is we have complete control of how we market and the way we market. In this post I want to go over 3 ways you can find your own voice online.

1 – Be Authentic – If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this post it’s about being authentic.  You can try and be someone you’re not but eventually people will catch on to the real you and see that you’re not being authentic. Be comfortable being you. Be authentic and be okay with where you’re at in your journey as a marketer. Before I was good at writing blog posts I sucked at it, but I did it anyway because I knew if I kept on writing I would get better. It’s like with anything in life, the more you do of it the better you get. Be you and don’t be afraid of what people think, every master was once a disaster!

2 – Fill out your social profiles – Make sure you completely fill out your social media profiles. The sites I would focus on are Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus. Fill them out completely with a brief description of yourself and your background. People actually look at your profiles online so make sure they look professional.

3- Create You Tube videos – Creating videos is a great way to find your voice. It’s also a great way to connect with your readers and followers. One thing I plan on doing more of is video marketing because I actually find it easier than creating blogs and articles. You can easily crank out 5 videos a day if you wanted to. Don’t be shy of the camera, you might suck at video when you first start out but you’ll get better as you go. One training product I highly suggest is Tube Traffic Mojo. It’s a great course on how to rank YouTube videos.

Well there you go, a few ways to find your voice online. Let me know in the comments section below anything that has worked well for you and your business.

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