How To Create Real Wealth by Daegan Smith

by Tyronne

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daegan smith
What if your mortgage payment was always
just one push of a button away? What if you
never had to worry about money? What if
you had all the time in the world to do
the things you’ve always dreamed of and
to spend it with those you cherish most?

Don’t you deserve to have your life back?
All you need is leverage, and it’s one click
away. Watch this short video now:

“How To Create Real Wealth”

I’d like to share something with you will
prove profound in nature where wealth
creation is concerned.

Let me share with you a quick story that will
bring our points to light . . .

When I first tasted success in my little
online business, the WAY that I created that
initial seed of success, was by NOT following
the status quo (no surprise).

I saw all the big downline reports, and I
LEARNED that this success was created by
buying and calling leads. This method didn’t
work for me. It almost destroyed my credit.

Yet the goal remained strong. I wasn’t
willing to quit.

I decided to change the method by which I was
to reach my goal. I didn’t have success
calling leads so I didn’t.

I added leverage to the equation. Instead of
buying and calling leads, I decided to
generate my own online.

This ONE change was the first THE game
changer for me.

Instead of trying to call and “convince”
people to join my business I put myself in a
business designed to allow them to convince
themselves without me being there.

I knew that if I could just get enough people
to convince themselves I’d succeed.

I was right.

A couple years and 8,471+ some odd people
later I had achieved my goal without calling
a soul. (Later I leveraged this same method
into much larger organizations must quicker,
but that’s a story for later)

I realized that for this methodology to work,
it wasn’t about me being better at selling,
rather it was about me FINDING as many people
as I could who would be most likely to say

That’s what I focused on. Getting good at
finding those people.

That’s lesson #1 – Flexibility Of Modality

Setting goals is important, but don’t
handcuff yourself to the method by which you
shall achieve your end.

There’s often, a better, smarter, and easier
way to go about getting what you want if you
allow for it.

What I see most people faltering at is
simultaneously with setting a goal (no fault
there), almost instinctively locking
themselves into “HOW” that goal must be
achieved. This is wrong.

Once you learn to be flexible in the manner
in which that goal can be obtained you will
find yourself hitting that goal far more
readily and with far greater ease.

To this day when I set new goals for myself I
often plot multiple paths to achievement
based on my knowledge base and experience.

You should follow suit.

As they say “there’s more than one way to
skin a cat”

On to lesson #2, which is even more
imperceptible but far more powerful for your
personal long term wealth creation goals once

This one, you’ll take with you, no matter
what you do for the rest of your life. It’s
applications are truly universal.

Once I had my first “taste” of success,
here’s what mattered more than anything
else . . .

After I amassed a team through my own
efforts, the first thing that I did was I
turned around and started a marketing co-op
where I and the rest of our team pooled our
money together to take advantage of
advertising opportunities none of us could
have accessed individually.

We all pooled our money together to advertise
in bulk.

As a result, our individual loses were
minimized, we all reaped the rewards of the
successes uniformly, and we simply got more
traffic and leads because our combined buying
power got us wholesale prices on our

In other words, we had more success simply
because combined we spent more and got more
for it and grew steadily past the 8,471
person mark because of this.

Now here’s where things get interesting.

The whole time we grew, I put my money back
into two things:

1. Paying down past debt
2. Our current successes


Getting rid of debt buys you freedom and
recycling your profits into winners begets
more profits.

This is a powerful positive feedback loop
that you’ll find the wealthiest among us
leveraging routinely (yet, not speaking much
to it).

Creating freedom and then proactively turning
over profits into more profits is the
definition of wealth creation.

Write that one down.

I think the examples we see of people buying
fancy cars or taking crazy expensive
vacations are horrible ideals for what
removing yourself from financial bondages
really buys you.

Too many people turn a quick profit and just
as quickly spend that money frivolously on
“experiences” to “reward” themselves NOW, but
the smartest do the opposite.

Lesson #2 – Recycle Profits Aggressively To
Grow Wealthy Later

True wealth creators don’t play a game of how
can I look cool or feel rich with my money,
they play a game of how can I take this
profit and turn it into more profits.

The faster you can take your profits, spend
them (recycle them), to create more profits
the wealthier you will become long term.

It’s a habit like anything else and it’s
based on simple math . . .

If I make $100 today and use $50 of it to do
something cool, I’ve just cut my future
profit potential in half, but if, I on the
other hand . . .

Take that $100 profits and focus my efforts
and buying power on turning it into another
$100 profits I’ve just doubled my wealth

That’s why I put every dollar I made in those
early days into either getting rid of debt or
our team co-op. That co-op was the most
powerful wealth creation asset I could buy at
the time.

While others bragged about “cool” trips or
nice cars they purchased I bought wealth
instead. So should you.

Why do the best seem to make money so easily?

They understand the way wealth is created and
now you do too.

Remember this for the rest of your life.

Recycled profits create leveraged profits and
leverage profits create wealth.

The faster you recycle a dollar of profit
into two dollars of profit, and the faster
you can complete that cycle over and over
again the more wealth you’ll create now and

Now Stop.

Take a deep breath and let it all soak in for
a second, but we’re not done yet.

There’s still the keystone that pulls all
this together that needs to be explored, so
focus back in . . .

We know that setting goals, but being open
enough to accept different paths to
achievement of said goal is step #1, and that
proactively and aggressively recycling
profits back into more profits gets the
wealth creation feedback cycle rolling, but
we haven’t discussed what makes a good profit
investment, an ok profit investment, and what
makes a bad profit investment.

It’s important we spend a few minutes on
these so your ship to wealth is assured to

Bad assets are all things that depreciate or
have no tangible value. Things like the
proverbial fancy car.

Mediocre assets are things that do
appreciate, but are neither liquid nor create
a high return on investment. The most glaring
example (if you know anything about me) is

Exceptional assets for “us’ins” as
entrepreneurs are simple.

1. Our niche specific education
2. Our marketing know how
3. Anything that builds your list

We live in an information age.

Ideas are our currency. Those with the best
ideas (those ideas that help the most people
in our specific niche) and that get those
ideas out to the largest number of those who
seek them have the highest profit potential
and hence the highest wealth creation

That is where ALL your leverage lies and
where you’ll create the fastest profit
recycling potential.

Make money, eliminate your debts, recycle
your profits into YOU so your know how can
solve problems for and enrich others and
create massive profits now and ever flowing
wealth for YOU later.

Then build a list of “loyal”, happy followers,
and never a day will money not flow to you.
Go here to start your journey to creating
wealth now:

You’ll learn these skills no where else.

See you at the top,

Tyronne Ratcliff
daegan smith



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