How To Competition Proof Your Business by Daegan Smith

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“How To Competition Proof Your Business”

I get asked all the time . . .

“How do I make sure my business survives
over the long haul?”

So today, we’re going to address this
question fully.

This is a lesson you’ll want to pay
close attention to if long term stability
is important to you.

First off, as far as your network
marketing organization is concerned the
answer is two fold . . .

First, you want to make sure in all your
marketing efforts you’re attracting the
RIGHT type of prospects.

A big mistake I see new online network
marketers make is they spend too much
time following up with dead beat leads
when their focus should be on getting
more good leads.

If you spend your time attracting great
leads you’ll not only have an
exceedingly easy time recruiting, but
more …

Those you do recruit will be true
business builders. Not all of them will
grow big or fast, but a few true leaders
will rise to the top.

Until you have real leaders in your
downline you can’t stop recruiting.

The only reason I’ve been able to pull
back from massive recruiting over the past
couple years is because I have real
leaders out there looking for other real

When that happens a level of long term
stability is created in your business.

Second, you have to have systems in
place for your downline that go above
and beyond you.

Think of them like “family traditions”
that started generations ago that you
and your family still do to this day.

It doesn’t matter who started those
traditions or how long ago they were
started they still live on.

In your downline, you have to have
systems that run with or without you or
you’ll always be needed in the business.

Of note, you need recruiting systems,
retention systems, and duplication
systems in place before you can
comfortably step away.

Once you have this and your downline
grows with or without you.

Congratulations! You’ve hit the first
level of competition proofing your

Next comes you . . .

No matter how great your opportunity is,
you have to understand that you don’t
own your downline. That means if
anything happens to the business, the
compensation plan changes, or it goes out
of business your income is drastically
affected or worse eliminated.

I’ve seen this happen to the best of
the best and it’s happened to me, and
it ain’t pretty.

You need a contingency plan for overall
competition proofing your income, and
the way you do that is moving from a
away from a paradigm of prospect ->
company -> you TO prospect -> you ->

In other words, what you’re generally
taught to do is get as many people into
the business as possible and let
duplication take effect, but we’ve just
discussed the risk in that model.

If you change the paradigm of your
business from you only introducing your
prospect to your business to you
introducing and letting your prospect
get to know you first and then
introducing them to your business now
you have REAL control.

The business goes under and you’ve still
got a direct connection to your prospect
that ALWAYS supersedes the business

This can be leveraged into new downlines
in other companies or anything else.

This is a skill and a subject your
upline won’t discuss with you, and to be
honest it’s something they knows nothing

They won’t discuss it because the only
way they make money is if you put people
under you and they profit for it. So …

Their focus, like any good leader in a
company, is to keep you focused on the
task most important to BOTH you and

They don’t know how to even approach
this angle because they most likely only
think in traditional terms and have been
taught the old way of network marketing.

They live in a high risk world and may
or may not know it.

You’re different. You know the truth now.


I’ve done both. I’ve grown a large and
thriving downline and I’ve got a direct
connection to my prospects and that’s
the position you want to sit in if you
wanna win long term.

The only place to truly learn the how to
really competition proof your business is
from someone who lives it everday.

Go here now, take action on what you
see, and let’s get you on the road to
complete and total competition proofing
your business for good:

To The Top,


daegan smith

To the top,





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