GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

by Tyronne

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gsa search engine breaker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a very powerful piece of linkbuilding software. Internet marketers use GSA for various types of linkbuilding. Some of the linkbuilding you do with GSA is good (white hat) and some of it’s not that good(grey hat),but each kind of linkbuilding serves a purpose. Here are 2 great linkbuilding methods you can implement with GSA Search Engine Ranker:

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Link Spam – A good GSA Blast is perfect for ranking parasite pages. If you don’t know,a parasite page is an inner page on an authority site that Google ALREADY loves. These type of pages can rank on Google and make you money. Here are some different types of parasite pages:

-YouTube videos
-Facebook Pages
-Amazon product pages
-Pinterest pages

All of these type of pages are highly monetizable! Just imagine getting your Facebook Page to rank for a major money keyword in your niche. The other added benefit is the fact you can spam these type of sites to death and never get them shutdown. These are web properties you don’t own and control.

Tier 1 Backlinks – GSA can build high-quality Tier 1 contextual backlinks to your money site. Tier 1 backlinks are backlinks on sites that directly link to the site you want to rank. Of course you need to create high quality content on these sites. No messing around here. If you plan spinning your content make sure it’s highly spun content that a human being like yourself can understand.

Tier 2 & Tier 3 Backlinks – GSA Search Engine Ranker is perfect for creating Tier 2 and Tier 3 links. These links will help index my Tier 1 links and will help give my money sites the link juice it needs to rank on Google.

GSA Search Engine Ranker builds links on these type of sites:

-Web 2.0 Sites
-Social Bookmarking Sites
-Social Networking Sites
-Web Directories
-Document Sharing Sites
-Guest Books
-Microblogging Sites
-Video Sharing Sites



Other GSA Benefits:

Scrapes target sites as it build links – What sets GSA Search Engine Ranker apart from other linkbuilding software (Ultimate Demon, Senuke…) is it actually finds new target sites as it runs. Awesome stuff indeed!
It’s only a one-time payment of $99,most other linkbuilding software requires you to pay a monthly fee (Magic Submitter,Ultimate Demon,etc…)
-It builds backlinks 24 hours a day
-The creators constantly make upgrades to the software

GSA SER is a powerful piece of software by itself,but there are a few extra services you’ll need to maximize the performance of GSA. GSA has proxy support so you can avoid getting banned by major search engines when you’re running the software. Running GSA on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is another thing I highly recommend,especially if you plan on running GSA campaigns around the clock and you don’t want keep your computer on all day.

GSA Search Engine Ranker has been a part of my linkbuilding arsenal for quite some time now. Great thing is it will only set you back $99! Yup,a one-time payment of $99 is all you’ll have to pay for this powerful piece of linkbuilding software. Skyrocket your Google ranking with GSA Search Engine Ranker!

Buy Yourself A Copy Of GSA Search Engine Ranker Today!

P.S. If you’re still on the fence about buying GSA Search Engine Ranker and are confused about some of things I mentioned in this post shoot me an email. My email address is tyronne[at]tyronneratcliff[dot]com.

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