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by Tyronne

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free mlm leads

The ability to generate free MLM leads will determine the growth of your network marketing business and is the #1 skill you must master. You may be an awesome communicator,presenter, and someone of integrity, but without a steady flow of fresh MLM leads that are interested in what you have to offer, your going to be out of work pretty soon.

You want to generate high-quality leads. When we mention words like free MLM leads, many people think of mlm genealogy leads or mlm phone leads or maybe some cheap mlm leads list. What I’m really talking about is generating real-time, high-quality mlm leads for free. If you can generate free mlm leads with social media and the search engines you’ll enjoy the most precious commodity a network marketer can have. We are talking smart business here!

4 Ways To Generate Free MLM Leads

It’s not rocket science people! I still don’t understand how 95% of network marketers are at home staring at a compute screen trying to figure out where there next lead is going to come from. There are millions of people online. That are friendly and easy to reach. The challenge if you want to call it that, is knowing how to generate MLM leads for free.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization isn’t as complicated as people say it is, most of it’s common sense. It’s and art and a science,but what I like about SEO is it gives you predictable results, rather quickily. The great thing is it’s possible to rank on the first page of Google within a week for long tail keywords. There is nothing like being on Google’s front page getting those quality MLM leads. It will only cost you your time,around an hour a day, and some copywriting skills. The best way to get mlm leads is with a blog. Start writing blog posts that are optimized for certain keywords that people are typing into the search engines when looking for answers to their problems, or more importantly, when they want to buy! Learn how to install a blog the right way and SEO optimize it with your keywords by using this plugin right here. There are thousands of network marketing subjects to choose from and keywords to pick from as well. You can use this Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research traffic of each keyword.

Facebook – Millions of networkers have an account with Facebook. This social media giant is a viable way to generate mlm leads. Here is some free facebook training from 2 broke musicians who are killing it right now in the Empower Network. Another way to generate MLM leads is with Facebook pay-per-click (PPC). Advertising right now with facebook is popular and inexpensive.

Article Marketing – This is the method that I prefer and that a lot of experienced marketers use to generate traffic and mlm leads. Writing a 500-800 word article every day and then submitting them to thousands of article directories using a tool like Article Marketing Robot will do two things: 1) Create direct traffic to your blog from people reading your articles online. 2) Links from your articles pointing back to your blog (backlinks), which will give your blog posts better rankings on the search engines.

Video Marketing – Videos rank well in the search engines very well and can be a quick way to generate network marketing leads. Google owns YouTube. Optimizing your videos with network marketing related keywords can generate traffic to your blog. Just like with article marketing, you want to have tools to syndiicate your videos to the various video networks across the web. Traffic geyser can help you with that.

What I like about generating traffic to get free mlm leads is the fact that you get two types of traffic, direct traffic from people on article directories,social media sites, video sites, etc. Then of course the type of traffic you get from people typing in certain keyword phrases in the search engines, that’s why you want to raise the search engine position of your blog posts to get them to rank on the first page of google, most people don’t click on the second page of google. You want to get them on the first page. My advice would be to pick one of these marketing strategies and master it, if you do you’re on your way to generating free mlm leads at will.



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