Forum Marketing Tips For The Network Marketer

by Tyronne

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forum marketing tips

There are a number of internet marketing and network marketing forums but I want to show you a few sites that every network marketer should be a part of especially if you are just starting online. I will be providing you a list with a number of forums you can join but you will want to focus on only a few sites because you don’t want to jump around from forum to forum and spread yourself too thin.

The most effective way to start capturing leads and generating sales using forum marketing is to get involved. There are a number of different forums you can join but here are 5 great ones you’ll want to join as soon as you get started with forum marketing. So here are a few forum marketing tips to get you started.

Forum Marketing Tip #1Finding The Top Home Business Forums Online

Here is a list of forums that you can start participating in and contributing to:


Warrior Forum:

Home Based Business Forum:

Work at Home Moms:

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Community:

Forum Marketing Tip#2 – Create Your Signature

Make sure to include your signature with a link to a capture page or blog at the bottom of each post. If you don’t have your own personal lead capture page that promotes your own product or generic marketing information…you will want to offer something that informs, teaches and educates, while branding YOU as a expert in your niche at the same time.

You can come in and change you signature every so often and when you do, it changes all of your signatures throughout the forum as well. If you are promoting your business opportunity create a separate signature that you can direct to your primary program or any other affiliate product.

The key is to be consistent and become a part of the community… That will allow you to have hundreds of posts on any number of different topics and forums all with your links in your signature files…GENUIS!!

Here are some sample signatures you can use:

“Want to know how I went from a broke stay at home mom to having multiple $400 days in under 12 months online”.
Click here to find out how to get your online business up in 24 hours or less!

“The internet is on fire! Is your business making money on the internet yet?”

“Learn how I was able to generate 25+ leads a day and recruit 12 new members into my primary business in 45 days”

“Let me share with you the dirty little secrets for finding high quality leads for your business.”

“Want to know how I escaped the rat race and am now living the e-lifestyle”

You want to make sure that whatever you put in your signature is true, because you are your reputation online and you want to make sure that people can trust you. It doesn’t matter how small the results are just let people know how you are accomplishing some things in your business. There is someone out there that is just getting started that knows less than you, that’s had less results than you and that is looking for help, looking for solutions. So don’t get caught up in the well I haven’t made 6 figures yet thing. Just create some type of results based signature and link it to a capture page or blog post…preferably a capture page because capture pages convert better.

Forum Marketing Tip #3 – Start Interacting

If you participate and become a part of the community it can pay off big in terms of the amount of traffic you can attract and the amount of sales you can generate for your online business. Go to the main forum and search various topics. Target topics that you know about and are related to your expertise, affiliate product or business opportunity. For example, the capture page that is linked in my signature takes network marketers through the process of getting started online in 24 hours or less. So I would scroll through the posts and look for anything related to building a business online or getting started online. If I don’t see anything that I can reply to that has been posted in the last few hours or so I can go to “search” and type in getting started online, or Facebook, or whatever search term you know something about.

Once you find a question that you can answer you want to do just that – give your answer and help that person out. You should highlight a few main points. When you post your answer a link back to your capture page will appear in your signature. Just make sure that your signature links to a capture page that is relevant to what you are discussing in the thread.

If you are unfamiliar with a certain topic do a little research, read up on the marketing technique and now you are an instant expert. Join in the discussion, give a few points of value and then if you have a capture page, blog post, article or video that you have created you attach that link so people can go and check it out. See which discussions are hot and the most active then you can target a section you know a lot about. For example, discussions on BetterNetworker that are tagged with a “HOT icon” have a lot of activity.

This is an indicator of what people want to talk about or what topics they are interested in. This will also give you some great ideas on what keywords or topics to talk about on your blog.

This is a really powerful way to show your expertise, provide value to someone who needs it and drive traffic to your lead capture page or blog. You can get a dozen leads from a popular thread in a few hours just by helping someone find a solution to their problem. You can come in to a forum a few times a week, or every day if you choose, answer 2-3 questions and see how many leads you are getting from giving value. You also want to make sure that you are tracking the link you put in your signature so you know how many people are clicking on it and are being directed to your blog or capture page.

Forum marketing is a really simple but great way to build up credibility, establish rapport with other network marketers, drive traffic to your site as well as get ideas on what’s hot and relevant in your niche. So make sure you get started on at least 2 forums right away and take about 20-25 minutes of your marketing routine to dedicate to answering questions and interacting in these forums. You’ll be amazed by the amount of traffic and leads you can get.

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