Essential WordPress Tweaks

by Tyronne

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wordpress tweaks
Here are some essential wordpress tweaks that you should install on your blog as soon as possible.

In today’s internet marketing environment having a wordpress blog will give you a distinct advantage over the competition. Setting it up the right way from the start will also give it better functionality and make it more search engine friendly.

The problem is a wordpress blog right out of the box isn’t a perfect website, there are certain tweaks  and particular plugins you’ll want to activate as soon as possible to get you off on the right foot.

So here are a couple to get you started, just so you know, I’ll be updating this list in the future as I see fit, so stay tuned.

So here you go:

1. General Settings

Under general settings what you want to do first is fill in your blog name, tagline, set up the time zone, and time format. By default, after you install wordpress they actually generate a password for you, and it’s a string of random numbers and characters, so make sure you change that as well.

2. Askimet

By default this plugin will be in your plugins section but it’s not activated. Just so you know this plugin will protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It’s important that this plugin is activated. Instructions on how to activate this plugin is in your plugins directory.


3. General Settings>Permalinks

For some reason wordpress has some weird settings by default. You want your blog posts URL’s to look like this than say something like this Under custom structure insert /%postname%/ , this way your URL will be more SEO friendly.

4. General Settings>Discussion

You want for people to leave comments on your blog, you just don’t want the “bad bots” and all those spam happy people out there to invade the place. Make sure you setup comment moderation in a way where you have full control of the comments, number of links people can place and things of that nature.

5. General Settings>Reading

Now what you can do is set up your home page so when people visit your site they see the last few posts that you’ve written. Or even a static page works well, whatever works best for your business.

6. Prevent Excessive Pinging

By default every time you write and edit  a post wordpress sends out a notification to the various pinging services letting them know that your blog has been updated, but in their eyes they considered that as spamming. You dont want to run the risk of getting banned from these services. There is a plugin called MBP Ping Optimizer that can help you out with that.

7. WP Backup

All of your posts, pages, and comments are stored in a  database, if it crashes your entire blog is gone. You can set the number of backups per month,week, or day. Make sure you get this plugin right away.

8. Turn off post revisions

This is an important tweek, saving post revisions is a good idea, but wordpress takes it a little to far. The long list of post revisions can get a little bit annoying after awhile. Each revision generates a new record in your database which makes it get bigger and bigger which will effect load times. I won’t go into detail about how to do this, but I thought I would point it out, a little bit of research should be all that it takes to fix this problem.

Obviously there is more to getting started with wordpress than what I explained here in this post. But this should give you an idea on how to get started with your blogging efforts.


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To Your Continued Success,

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