Are These Daegan Smith Scam Complaints True?

by Tyronne

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daegan smith scam

There are thousands of people that try to make it big in network marketing, but only a few stand out from the masses and reach higher levels of success. Daegan Smith is one of those people for a number of reasons. He calls himself “The King of Never Calling a Single Lead”. Many of your traditional networkers think this is impossible,but he shows the industry that it’s more than possible to grow a huge downline without picking up the phone. There is a lot to be learned from Daegan, many people wonder if this is just another one of those Daegan Smith scams or if there’s some merit to what he claims.

Let me clear the air, Daegan Smith is NOT a scam!

Before we get into the meat of this article, let me give you his back story. Daegan Smith didn’t actually grow up thinking to himself that he wanted to be a network marketer. He was a stand out athlete in high school and wrestled. Yes he was a wrestler,but that wasn’t his career choice either. He attended Duke University and studied biology and chemistry. He graduated thinking he was going to become a doctor,but landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep instead. What happened next was something that you might have experienced in your life, waking up and seeing yourself doing what you’re doing now (the day-to-day grind,working at a dead end job,etc)  for the next 20 to 30 years. Having that image in your head is something that could drive you crazy,and it was happening to him.

The thought of Daegan continuing to work his day job was not an option. He left his job doing pharmaceutical sales to go invest in a Washington DC apartment building and failed miserably. I’ve heard him say many times that it was the biggest financial mistake he’s ever made, but we all know he learned from it. From there he went to a real estate seminar where he was introduced to the network marketing industry.

Just imagine building a downline of over 6,000 people without picking up the telephone and sharing the stage with network marketing legends like Dale Calvert and Tim Sales! You see,many of your “traditional” network marketers never thought the internet could be used to generate huge downlines. But Daegan has proved the industry wrong time and time again.

He is an expert at traffic generation. Wouldn’t you like to be trained by a guy that taught Jonathan Budd and Russell Brunson? I’ve seen his back office where he regularly generates well over $100,000 per month due to his ability to generate massive amounts of interested prospects.

His record numbers include growing his first successful organization to 8,000+ in less than 2 years to recruiting over 3,6oo people in 13 days, and having that duplicate into over 15,000+ in the same time span. He’s known for his ability to generate up to 2,673 leads per day passively as a one man show.Daegan created the internet’s first “generic” and fully branded prospecting system called “Power Prospecting System,” and now teaches home business owners from his home in Maui, Hawaii on how to create exceptional results in their lives by applying Maximum Leverage to their businesses.

His accomplishments should dispel the myth of there being any type of Daegan Smith scam! For more information about Daegan Smith and how you can apply Maximum Leverage in your business click here now!

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