Learn How to Become a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate and Get the Car of Your Dreams!

by Tyronne

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And you thought you needed to be a network marketer to get a monthly car bonus,well think again!

Refer 100 people to ClickFunnels and the company will cover your car note (up to $500 a month).

For more information about the ClickFunnels dream car program click right here NOW!


ClickFunnels has a FREE 100 day affiliate marketing bootcamp to teach YOU how to become a super affiliate promoting Russell Brunson’s line of internet marketing products.

Russell’s core offer is the funnel builder ClickFunnels but you have the ability to make a nice chunk of change on the side promoting his other internet marketing products like Funnel University,Funnel Scripts and Expert Secrets…

Check out my ClickFunnels affiliate earnings so far:

Not too bad for a couple hours of work!

By the way,ClickFunnels pays 40% commissions on all of their internet marketing products across the board…

Lets look at some of the numbers…

If someone decides to buy the ClickFunnels starter plan through your affiliate link you make $38.80 a month in residual income.

I love residual income because I did the work once to get the customer but they keep paying me over and over again…month after month!

So if you refer 100 people to the ClickFunnels starter plan you’re looking at $3,880 in monthly recurring revenue plus the dream car of your choice (up to $500 a month)

Refer 200 people to ClickFunnels and get a $1,000 per month dream car bonus!

As you can see,the ClickFunnels affiliate program can be pretty lucrative if you work hard and get the proper training

If you’re just getting started out with affiliate marketing I highly suggest you take advantage of Russell’s FREE 100 day affiliate bootcamp RIGHT HERE ($997 Value)

Since you’ve read this far I have a FREE gift for you when you decide to signup as a ClickFunnels affiliate under my link.

I benefit from signing you up since I’ll make a 5% commission on all of the sales you make as a ClickFunnels affiliate

If you decide to signup for Russell’s free 100 day affiliate bootcamp under my link I will share with you the 24 email followup sequence I use to sell people on ClickFunnels,Funnel University,Funnel Scripts,Expert Secrets and DotComSecrets.

The only catch is you must have an Aweber account.

Aweber has a “campaign sharing” feature that let’s me share my followup emails with other Aweber users

You can check out a video I did about this feature right here

So here are your next steps…

Step # 1 – Signup as a ClickFunnels affiliate right here

Step # 2 – Create an Aweber account if you haven’t already.

You can get a 30 day trial for only $1. Go here NOW!

Step # 3 – Send me an email with the email
you signed up with so I can confirm that you created the account under
my link (my email is support [at] tyronneratcliff [dot] com)

Step # 4 – I’ll email you back my Aweber campaign code.

Get started today!












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