Calling Your My Lead System Pro Leads

by Tyronne

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A lead just popped up inside your My Lead System Pro back office without a phone number, now what?

It may have been the first lead you generated inside My Lead System Pro or you may have gotten leads before but your still not getting those numbers you desire. So what next? I’m about to share with you a few tips on how to track down those leads you’re getting to make the effort you put into to getting those leads worth it.

My Lead System Pro Tip #1

Take your leads email address and copy it, then just go over to Facebook and paste it into the search bar. If a person comes up you’ve hit the jackpot! Then all you do is check their information tab and see if they left their phone number.  If you can’t find their number there you can either send them a friendly follow-up message via email or do what I do and send them a friendly message first and then send them out a friend request. All you have to do is simply state that they opted in to your MLSP lead capture page and you wanted to see if they got the free training ok. Also let them know that you want to connect with them, this isn’t the time to pitch them anything. Once they accept your friend request you’re one step closer to getting them into MLSP or maybe  into your primary business.

My Lead System Pro Tip # 2

If you had no luck finding your lead on Facebook, no need to panic! Here is another option. Even though they’ll be receiving your autoresponder emails, send them a personal email, but make sure it’s the same day the lead was generated, you wanna strike while the irons hot! Here are a couple sample emails you can use:

Hey Mike,

I saw that you opted in to my capture page in reference to generating leads online. I didn’t have a good number for you, so I wanted to touch base.

Did you have a chance to watch the presentation on My Lead System Pro? If so do you feel that what I have to offer may help you in your primary business? What were you looking for specifically when you opted in to my page and maybe I can discuss with you how My Lead System pro can help you in your business.

I’m currently generating X amount of leads per day and been using MLSP for X amount of time. The system has worked wonders for my business.

Feel free to call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to speaking with you and answering any of your questions.

Or here is another one you can use:

Hey Mike,

You recently visited my site at and opted in for the free facebook training. Just wondering if you had a chance to watch it and what you liked about the training.

I usually call my contacts, but I didn’t see a phone number listed for you. What business are you in? Would love to connect with you more


Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Website/Blog
There you go, if you take a little time to do this with every single lead you generate without numbers you’ll get more MLSP conversions. You can even do this if you happen to get a number from them but for some reason they dont pick up the phone.

My Lead System Pro Tip #3

I have used the My Lead System Pro autoresponders for over 6 months and they’ve worked just fine for me, but it’s always a good idea to mix in a couple of your own emails into their email sequence. The reason why is  theres a good chance that a lot of your leads haven’t opted in to just your MLSP capture page. They might have opted in to other MLSP members capture pages as well, which isn’t something to worry about, competition is a good thing! So you want to have your own personal emails going out to them as well as the mlsp followup messages. Because you don’t have their number encourage them to call you and that just may be a game changer.

3 My Lead System Pro Tips To Help You With Your Conversions

Here are a couple tips you can use when dealing with your leads who dont leave phone numbers. If you’re interested in generating leads online for your network marketing business click on the link below.

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