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commission notifications from my lead system pro

Documentation beats conversation every day of the week. That’s why this page on my blog is devoted to documenting the results I get in my business.

These results might be:

-Commissions Generated
-Leads Generated
-1st Page Rankings on Google
-Results from team members

Whatever the case may be,this isn’t to impress you or to show off,but to simply let YOU know what’s possible when you take massive action with a good attitude. Hope this inspires you to take massive action in your affiliate/network marketing business. ?






1st Page Google Rankings:


Battling it out with Rob Fore for the #1 position,got #3 instead,still not complaining.


Ranked #1 for “Zip Nada Zilch Review” back in the day. ZNZ was a popular “work from home” program that was promoted by a lot of the gurus (Chuck Marshall for example)


Commissions Generated with some of the popular affiliate networks.








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Bye for now,

Tyronne Ratcliff


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