Beauty Society Review

by Tyronne

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Beauty Society Review

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re looking into Beauty Society.You may even be thinking about becoming a distributor for the company. Before you join, I want to encourage you to go over this entire review. I’ll cover some details you’ll need to know before you join. I’ll also cover what you need to do to succeed in any network marketing company you join. Before moving on, I want to let you know that I’m NOT a Beauty Society rep so you can be confident that you’ll be getting an unbiased opinion.

Beauty Society Review – Who Is Beauty Society And What Do They Sell?

Beauty Society is a network marketing company that was founded by Jeannie Lorin in 2004 as she grew tired of buying beauty products that in her opinion didn’t work. They market skincare and makeup products through a network of independent reps, called Divas. Their products include basic and anti-aging skincare, makeup, compacts, brushes, perfume and body oil.

Beauty Society Review – How Do You Get Paid?

There are various ways that Beauty Society Divas can earn income.They receive a minimum of 25% off of all products they purchase, 25%-50% commission on all products they sell, plus they can earn income from the sales of Divas they enroll. I couldn’t find too much information on their compensation plan but like with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. Overall their comp plan looks solid and the potential to make good money with the company is there.

So is Beauty Society a good business to get involved with? After reviewing the information on their corporate website, it seems like the founder really has a passion for bringing affordable skin care products to the market and at the same time giving women a chance to make income as well. They also market products that people already have a need or want for, which is also a good thing. Plus they have a compensation plan that allows you to generate long term residual income. With that being said, that and that alone won’t determine your success in Beauty Society. What will determine your success will be your ability to sponsor new people and acquire new customers daily. I recommend implementing attraction marketing into your business so you’ll have a steady flow of leads in your business. If you can generate just a few leads a day when you first start out in business, no telling how prosperous your business can be in the near future.

Ultimately success in your business will come down to two things, personal branding and lead generation. There’s one system that can help you with both of things and that would be My Lead System Pro. Click on the link below for your FREE presentation.

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