Automatic Backlink Creator

by Tyronne

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Automatic Backlink Creator

Automating your linkbuilding is a great way to free up your time so you can focus on the more important parts of your business. And every online business owner would like a strong backlink profile so they can generate the traffic they need to make their site effective. So even though it’s true that content makes the site,if you don’t have a way to get traffic to your site,the pages may as well be blank.

In fact, you may have spent hours on end building an enticing and user friendly site with video,slides and excellent content with the intent to sell your products and services to as many people as possible.

No backlinks equals no traffic to your site, meaning people won’t even know that your site exists,so how do you expect to offer them what you have to sell?

Working your fingers to the bone but not making the money you expected?

Most online business owners know that money and time are the driving forces behind effective media exposure.

Some of the traditional ways of getting backlinks, like social bookmarking and blog commenting have worked, but simply take too much time to really be effective.

It’ll take you a good deal of time to surf the web looking for sites to leave comments on. Similarly, creating articles and submitting them to article directories will require an investment of time and money.

What you really need is more money, more time and another pair of hands!

The things I’ve just stated have left small business owners in the unpleasant position of “chasing their own tails.”

High ad costs leave you with not enough money to put towards business growth and innovation.

What Is Automatic Backlink Creator?

Automatic Backlink Creator (ABC) is a linkbuilding plugin designed to drive swarms of organic traffic to your site.

ABC’s automated linkbuilding software has had such great success that its developers actually have an upgraded version.

The new version has way more enhancements than the previous one did. As the name suggests, ABC helps you generate inbound backlinks easily and efficiently.

The 1-2-3’s of ABC

Imagine not having to spend valuable hours of your day building backlinks, Automatic Backlink Creator does it automatically for you,freeing up your time so you can focus on more profitable activities. It submits your articles to the best article directories online and posts comments on blogs all over the internet, automated backlinking at its best!

It generates backlinks much more rapidly,so the price of the software is pretty cheap compared to how much it would cost to generate backlinks the conventional way (long and slow).

O.K,Then How Does Automatic Backlink Creator Work?

Grab Yourself A Copy Today!

Since ABC is a plugin,it works from within the admin area of your wordpress blog. It can start generating backlinks for you right after installation! You place the URL’s you want to build backlinks to into a simple widget and then it starts building links for you.

You can even place your keywords into the software and it will generate related keyword terms to use as anchor text. Remember,you’re getting your baclinks from a network of blogs on ABC’s  network  ,so they choose what anchor text will work “post panda”.

ABC even makes accessing your current search engine rankings a cinch.

Friends on High

Another benefit of ABC is the ability to connect with like minded web masters. Automatic Backlink Creator gives you access to an online database of similar sites in your niche.

The never ending exchange of ideas and concepts from like minded people is priceless.

C = Continuous Reporting

A steady stream of ABC-supplied web pings will give you faster search engine rankings because your backlinks won’t take long at all to be found by the search engine bots. Before you know it your web pages will get indexed faster than you thought possible!

Automatic Backlink Creator –  The Bottom Line

Automatic Backlink Creator is automated linkbuilding at its best! Helping you climb your way up the search engines faster than you could of imagined.

The key is to get that #1 spot on google because thats where you’ll get the bulk of your traffic.

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To Your Continued Success,

Tyronne Ratcliff





P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here




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