How to Create an Automated Sales Machine For ANY Kind of Business You Can Imagine!

by Tyronne

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Tyronne Ratcliff here…

If you want to create an automated sales machine (sales funnel) for your business then this post is for you…

You will benefit tremendously from this article if you are into:

-Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing
-Professional Services (Real Estate Agents,Chiropractors,Dentists,CPAs,Insurance,Financial Services)
-Business To Business (B2B)
-Retail (Restaurants,Gyms,Spas,Salons)

Simply put…if you have a business and you want to generate leads,customers and high ticket clients using a sales funnel then keep on reading…

Business advisor Dan Kennedy says,“Ultimately,the business that can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.”

So the goal of your funnel should be to make enough money with it so you can outspend your competitors on paid advertising

This is how you scale a business to 7 figures!

The way you make a lot of money with your funnel is by using what Russell Brunson calls a “value ladder”

A value ladder is when you offer your customers different offers at different price points. ($7,$27,$97 a month,$197,$1,997)

You start with a low cost offer (to weed out tyre kickers and identify buyers) then offer your customers related offers at higher price points

Russell Brunson does this brilliantly! (just funnel hack one of his funnels to find out)

But remember…always undersell and overdeliver…it’s all about providing the most value possible to your customer!

Anyways..if you want to learn more about the concept of the value ladder I highly recommend you buy the book DotCom Secrets

So now you understand the concept of the value ladder,let’s talk about sales copy for a second…

You might be a master at putting together sales funnels using ClickFunnels but if you want to build a high converting funnel you need to get good at writing highly persuasive sales copy…

That’s why you should invest in a piece of copywriting software called Funnel Scripts if you’re just getting started out.

Click here for more information…

If you have any questions about what I just talked about in this article hit me up in the comments section below.

Here is your homework for today:

Step # 1 – Get started with ClickFunnels (they have a free 14 day trial)

Step #2 – Check out my Funnel Scripts review to see if it’s right for you

Step #3 – Buy both products through my affiliate link so I can help you get your funnel up and running and making you money. I’ll even throw in a free 30 minute strategy session ($250 value).















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