Why Attraction Marketing and Blogging Is An Awesome Way To Build A Stable Online Business

by Tyronne

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If you want to build a profitable online business that generates serious cashflow year after year you MUST understand the concept of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is when you market your online business by providing value to your target market and solving their problems. If you do this consistently over time people will begin to know,like & trust you and perceive YOU as the authority…

Once that happens people will buy from you and “lay down sales” will be an every day thing!

You provide value to your target market by creating content people want to consume. You can create articles,blog posts,Facebook LIVE videos or even podcasts if that’s your cup of tea. Writing is my passion so I like to publish blogs posts and articles,I suggest you do the same!

One of the best network marketing trainers on the planet owes a lot of his success to blogging daily which is another reason why I’m so passionate about blogging. If you want to learn how to generate traffic,leads and sales with a blog invest in this course right here


If you want to build an online business with a blog I recommend you get a self-hosted WordPress blog. Don’t go with a free blogging platform like WordPress.com because they can shutdown your account for any reason,plus they don’t let you embed affiliate links in your content.

Here are a few blogging platforms that have my approval:

Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – Click here for more info
MLSP SITES PLATFORM – Signup here to use their blogging platform
IBO ToolBox Blog – Signup here to use their blogging platform

Message me on Facebook if you want a WordPress blog set up in less than 24 hours

There are so many benefits to blogging daily it’s not even funny!

Blogging is an effective marketing strategy because:

-It’s the best way to generate traffic,leads and sales long term
-It’s a great platform to tell your story
-Leverages your efforts
-Brands YOU
-Positions you as an authority in your niche
-Makes you front and center without all of the distractions

By the way,once you get your blog up and running no need to worry about writers block IF that’s what you suffer from.

I’ll share with you a link to a done-4-you service that will provide you with 30 quality articles per month. If writing is a breeze for you (which I’m hoping) then my done-4-you service isn’t necessary but may be a nice add on

Well that’s it for today,if you have any questions or feedback leave me a facebook comment.

Have an awesome week,

-Tyronne Ratcliff

Quote of the day:

“You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.”

-George Lucas


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