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 article writing software

Are you looking for reliable article writing software? Are you wondering what’s better — free article writing software or maybe a paid solution? If so you’ve come to the right place! In this article I’d like to talk about the advantages of free article writing software and paid article writing software. Let us get started.

Free Versus Paid Article Writing Software

Anyone that spends anytime at all online soon realizes that content is the very foundation on which the internet is built. If there were not content, then there would be no internet. Because of this, everyone who does business online needs as much content as possible. Still, not everyone is a writer. For this reason many try looking for technology that will help them write better and faster. Here we will look at free and paid article writing software.

It is natural to look for free solutions whenever possible. Online it’s amazing how many free solutions are available on the market. With article writing software, to be good requires it to be programmed well and for the software to be updated on a regular basis. For this reason, you will find that with free article writing software the programming is simple and the functionality is so limited that the end result saves you little if any time when creating content.

Another problem is that you’ll see a lot of  internet marketers,when you visit their site, have apparently gone the way of the wind. But this is to be expected I suppose. Many times these tools and services that are free are trying to establish themselves well enough to then become a paid solution. If that does not happen then they soon close shop and move on. Anyone who was using their free article writing software is left hanging looking for another tool to satisfy their need for fresh content.

While many of the free software tools are here today and gone tomorrow, there are some software tools that can help you with your content needs. Let’s cover some free and paid article writing software on the market.

Free Article Writing Tools:

1. Sigil – This tool is used for creating eBooks and has a WYSIWYG editor. It offers a spell checker and can generate a nice looking table of contents for your book.

2. Evernote – This tool is useful for gathering content that can be revised latter and used for writing content. It is mostly used in the research phase of writing.

3. FreeMind – This is a mind map. It helps organize your thoughts so you’re be able to write well and fast. This mind map has lots of features and is completely free!

4. OpenOffice – Regardless of the writing that you do, you will likely find that having a capable word processor is very useful. Microsoft Office is of course the most common and most popular. But if you do not have it and want a very good alternative, Open Office is completely free and very robust.

5. Zemanta – This is a FireFox ad-on. Its main purpose is for bloggers and those who send lots of emails. As you are writing it will tag content that is related to what you are writing and uses a sidebar to prompt you to include the material in your article. Its features include the ability to link to FB and Twitter. It can locate creative commons pictures and even be linked to Flickr.

You will likely find that some of the tools listed above are very useful in many ways. That said, it will still not give you something that really helps you to write faster. For this you will almost certainly need to consider investing in paid article writing software.

Paid Article Writing Software:

1. Quick Article Pro – This tool works by getting great content from the top search engines based on the keywords you give it. It will then determine the appropriate content for your intro, main content and conclusion. This tool gives you a number of sentences that you can choose from so you can drag and drop them into the appropriate sections. The premise of this tool is a good idea, but you’ll probably feel like the final output is not as good as it might first appear.

2. Leading Articles – If you are looking for highly spun articles that you can quickly spread across the web for your linkbuilding this might be the tool for you. You can choose from a wide range of topics and get articles that are in the 500 to 600 word range. To keep these articles from being over used, they remove it after it has been used by 300 people. These articles can be created to be totally unique, but the quality is moderate.

3. Instant Article Wizard – This tool is web based making it accessible regardless of what kind of computer you are using. This tool pulls sentences from places all over the web and they are then assembled into somewhat readable article. The content is very useful and while some cleaning up will be necessary, many find this a useful tool since they do not need to really think of what to write. The tool gets them the content and then the individual just does a bit of organizing and minimal rewriting to come up with a readable and totally unique article. CLICK HERE for more information

4. Article Builder –  This is likely the most popular article writing software and is only used by serious internet marketers. It has been integrated into many other tools and makes it super easy to get readable unique content. It has articles from several hundred different categories and you can order the length of article you want ranging from 300 words up to 1000 words. The articles produced by this tool will usually be 80% unique or more and can easily be made into a totally unique article. You will find that it is more expensive than most with a price of almost $200 a year, but it gives you up to 400 articles a day. I give it 4 stars! CLICK HERE for more information.

5. Jiffy Articles – This tool is different in that it gives you the chance to actually be the author of the article and for it to be completely unique while saving you time when writing. This tool can assist you when writing in a hundred different topics or categories. It has well over 5000 templates. Once you choose a template, it helps you to make a title, intro and body. Many say they can write 500 word articles in fifteen minutes or less. It cost about $130 a year.

With the right article writing software you can write faster and better. The paid tools therefore, just make more sense. Check out my favorite article writing software right here. 



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