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article marketing tips

Learning some powerful article marketing tips should be apart of any content marketing strategy.Your first order of business should be keyword research. You can use the Google Keyword Tool when you’re first starting out. I usually try to go after keywords that get at least 750 searches a month with low competition. It’s also a good idea to sprinkle in a few related keyword terms as well. So say you were trying to rank for the keyword “dog training” you would also want to sprinkle in terms like “dog training tips” and “tips on dog training”. Doing this will make your content more natural looking to the search engines. The reason why I mentioned keyword research    in an article about article marketing is because it plays an important role any time your doing any type of content marketing and you plan on making money. Create content that people are already looking for. You can get your articles to rank and that will get you some nice referral traffic to your site ,but the real power is getting your content syndicated on other sites, this will give your content the best exposure possible.

Here are a few article marketing tips

The Google Panda/Farmer update had a bad impact on a lot of the top article directories but the ones that were hurt the most were the ones that accepted low quality content. That’s why I try to only submit articles to the top article directories like and A lot of people have a misunderstanding about how article marketing really works. If you’ve been around for a few years you might remember when people were trying to get their articles to rank on the first page of Google. The belief was that if your article was on an authority site like Ezinearticles or GoArtilces that it would be easier for your article to rank on the first page. This would then get a lot of eyeballs on your articles and people would read them and then click the links in your resource box. That was actually true, there were tons of articles that would rank on the first page but the real power of article marketing is when you get your articles syndicated on other sites. You see the reason why you have article directories like Ezinearticles is because they provide content for publishers and marketers who might need content for their ezines. I’ve only submitted around 25 articles to EzineAritcles but I do plan on submitting more going into the future, article marketing is what I call an evergreen marketing strategy because it flat out works. Below are some of my Ezinearticle stats, if you look at what the red arrow is pointing at you’ll notice the term “Ezine Publisher”, that’s basically the number of publishers that have swiped my article and put it on their site. That’s the power of article marketing, but to make it really work you have to publish lots of articles,outsource your article writing if you have to. I heard Text Broker is a great place to get articles for cheap, Article Builder is another option as well. Check out my stats below.


My stats don’t blow you out of the water but just imagine if I would of submitted a few hundred articles what that would do for my traffic. The reason why I’m such a big fan of article marketing is it’s a strategy that has proven to work over the years, I’ve actually talked to a few people on the Warrior Forum that make over 10k a month with this strategy alone.

My Closing Thoughts About Article Marketing

Article Marketing is an integral part of any content marketing strategy and one of my favorite marketing strategies as you can see from reading the paragraphs above. It’s great for referral traffic,branding and the best way to get your content syndicated all over the web. Remember this, the secret to SEO and content marketing is to create a crap load of content and to promote that content in an effective way. Only 20 percent of your marketing will ever work and that’s a stat across the board, but that hasn’t prevented a lot of marketers from making a nice income online.

Want To Take Your Article Marketing To The Next Level?

So if you want to take your article marketing/content marketing to a whole new level I highly recommend you check out the Unique Article Wizard. I’ve been using this linkbuilding tool to get my content submitted to thousands of Article Directories and Blogs, which if you don’t know are the best type of sites to get your backlinks from, check it out today!

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P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here



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