Article Marketing Tips I Learned From A MLSP Webinar

by Tyronne

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article marketing tips
In this blog post I want to share a couple article marketing tips that a 6-figure earner in his primary company taught on a recent webinar.These article marketing tips could shed years of your learning curve if you decide to get into this type of marketing.

So lets get started with a few article marketing tips

Your first order of business is to figure out what market you want to target with your article writing. There are different types of people we can target, maybe it’s work at home mothers or maybe business opportunity seekers and in my case struggling network marketers. The important thing to keep in mind is what type of keywords they are typing into the search engines when they are looking for information. What are their wants,needs and desires? But more importantly what PAIN do they want to move away from? Google has a free keyword tool that you can use for your keyword research to help you out with that when you first get started.

This is important so listen up. What you want to do now is figure out what type of articles on high authority sites are already ranking high on the first page of google for the keyword you’re targeting.  A couple high authority sites you can submit articles to are sites like Ezinearticles,Article Base and GoArticles. Check out Web 2.0’s as well. (Squidoo,Hubpages,etc…)

So say for example an ezine article ranks on the first page of google for one of the keywords you want to target, all you have to do is create a piece of content optimized for your keyword and submit it to ezine articles as well. You get more backlinks to your article than the other ezine article you want to outrank and you win. (most of the time)

So your probably wondering how you compete with those articles that rank high on google.

You use tools like Article Marketing Robot or Unique Article Wizard to submit your article to thousands of article directories and blogs on the internet giving you tons of backlinks. You’ll be up against some stiff competition so that’s why you need these powerful tools.

The important thing to take away from this article is this, you need to know with needle point precision what type of numbers your up against. There are tools like Market Samurai and Traffic Travis that you can use to spy on your competition to get all the necessary information you need, simply put, your competing article has 1,000 backlinks (votes) pointing to it, essentially all you would need is 1,001 backlinks to outrank them.

For more information about this strategy I’ll grant you free access to a webinar where a top earner in his company can fill in all the gaps for you, Click Here for instant access.

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To Your Continued Success,
Article Marketing Tips

Tyronne Ratcliff





P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here



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