An Unbiased Univera Review

by Tyronne

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Since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re searching for information about Univera, in this article I’ll cover some information about the company and their business opportunity.

In addition I’ll go into what you can do to position yourself ahead of the 95% of your competition should you decide to become a distributor, but first let’s cover the facts you need to know about the company.

Who Is Univera?

Univera is a mutli-level marketing company  founded by a succesful Korean businessman by the name of Yunho Lee. He long suffered from poor health and found no relief in conventional medicine and because of this he had a vision to bring the best of nature to humankind. I guess you could say it was out of this vision that Univera has grown to the size that it is. Enough bragging about the company, lets talk about what they market and more importantly how you get paid with the company.

What They Market And More Importantly How You Get Paid

univera compensation plan

Univera is a health and wellness company with products that include supplements for energy, stress management, metabolism support, digestive health, joint comfort, immune support, heart health, and weight management, as well as personal care products. They have a unilevel comp plan where Univera reps can make upfront retail income of 15% on people ther personally enroll and 10% on the purchases of Assicates and Customers they enroll. They can also get paid up to 4 levels deep on the purchases that people on their team make. Not only that they can earn limited-time incentives and the opportunity to earn a monthly car allowance as well.

Should You Join Univera?

In a nut shell, Univera looks like a good opportunity.  They’ve been around for 15 years (since 1998) which speaks volumes about the company considering most network marketing companies go belly up within 2 years. The potential to make good money with the comp plan is there, plus they market a product that people already have a want and need for. But guess what? That and that alone will not ensure your success with Univera. If you want to have long term success with Univera you need to learn lead generation. When I mean lead generation I don’t mean buying home based business leads, now buying leads does work for a small few but generating your own leads via the internet is more effective. The one system I recommend is My Lead System Pro ,it gives you all the tools you need,a ton of insider advanced training on how to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business. They can even help you make money right away to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started,regardless of your skill level.

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