An Honest 5linx Review Of Somebody Who Didn’t Join

by Tyronne

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5linx is a telecommunications company that markets their services through a network marketing model. It’s flagship service is it’s own Globalinx VoIP services but also markets various other services such as cellular service from all the major US carriers,satellite TV, home security systems and internet services. 5linx is leading the way in marketing video phone technology.

5linx began in 2001 in Rochester, New York. The strength in the 5linx business model is the fact that people already use the services they sell, and what they’re really marketing is the opportunity to save money on bills that customers already have. 5linx has opened up markets across the United States over the last nine years and have recently opened up international markets in Africa and most recently, Canada. The company has been featured in various work from home magazines the last four years and during that time has seen tremendous growth.

Leadership and Training in 5linx

5linx was founded by 3 visionaries, Jeb Tyler,Craig Jerabeck, and Jason Guck. All three of these leaders bring to the table different areas of expertise. Tyler and Guck bring many years of network marketing experience and were top producers in their former companies while Craig has years of experience in a traditional business setting.  On top of that there are many leaders in the field helping spread the word about the 5linx opportunity to cities across the nation.

The 5linx marketing model revolves around approaching your warm market and asking them to try out the services. They also engage in offline meetings like in-home presentations and weekly hotel meetings. That being said, 5linx is harnessing the power of the internet to build their business. Online presentations and weekly webinars are being used by a lot of the top leaders in the industry to share information about the company.

Check out the video below for more info about 5linkx the company


So what are the advantages of 5linx?

Being part of the 5linx opportunity has some serious advantages if you’re looking to get started in a network marketing business. To begin with, the services that you’ll market as a 5linx rep won’t demand that you be some hot shot salesman, so don’t believe you’ll have to sell or convince. Why? Because the people you approach, most of them being your friends and family, already own a lot of these services. All you want to do is let them know that you have a service that they’re already using that they can save money on. Your not trying to sell or convince them of anything. Secondly, a lot of the top producers in 5linx can teach you a lot of the techniques and strategies they are using in their 5linx business to grow your business to levels you probably can’t even imagine. And more importantly, the founders have a great deal of integrity and truly believe that the reps come first before anything else.

At the end of the day what I want to drive home to you is that 5linx is a very reputable company with a solid foundation. It has great leadership, quality products and a solid compensation plan. But this doesn’t mean this is the right company for you. You’ll have to decide what it is you’re looking for in a business opportunity to see if 5linx would be a good fit.

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