An Aweber Review From A Happy Customer

by Tyronne

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aweber review

Aweber is a full service autoresponder service that features email newsletters, auto- responders and web forms, allowing internet marketers to not only capture leads but communicate with them using pre-written messages, which are delivered with one click of a button.

Simplifying the task of email marketing, a reliable autoresponder is an essential tool used to promote products and services through custom designed messages, while enhancing your relationship with your prospects.

Your top priority as a marketer is to build a reliable and responsive list…to do this you need an auto responder.

Aweber provides various benefits and features such as:

  • Unlimited auto responders
  • Unlimited follow up messages
  • An easy web form generator for use on your website
  • Statistical data and reporting that help you optimize your email campaigns
  • Ad tracking data
  • Unlimited broadcast messages
  • Predesigned and customizable web form templates
  • An awesome support staff that’s available 24/7
  • Many other invaluable features that are a must have for online marketers

How does Aweber work:

Aweber works when a customer opts in or signs up for your offer or newsletter through one of your web forms. Most subscribers are willing to exchange their name and email address for the promise of receiving additional information or tips.

You can use Aweber to send your prospects emails, even if you’re not in front of a computer. Their autoresponder software allows you to craft a series of emails, called follow up emails, which you can schedule in intervals. What makes autoresponders so effective is that everything is automated. You can write an email one time and any new leads you generate will automatically receive those emails from you. They will also automatically be taken off of your list if they choose to unsubscribe.

Your number one priority as a marketer is to build a relationship with your list providing value, turning your prospects in to loyal followers and customers. Studies have shown that people need to be exposed around seven times to a product or service before they make the decision to buy.

Once you have mastered listbuilding and how to effectively monetize that list, your potential for profits is unlimited.

How to Use Aweber to Get Prospects on Your List

We know that Aweber can help put your communications with your list on autopilot but how can aweber help you get prospects on your list?

Aweber includes a wide variety of web form templates to choose from, allowing people without any skills in HTML or CSS create professional looking forms.

As you drive traffic to your site, visitors will see the benefits that you have to offer. Now most of the time visitors will take a look for a few seconds then disappear. So your job is to catch their attention as soon as they land on your site, by highlighting the value you can provide up front. In order for you to convert a visitor to a lead, it’s crucial that you offer some serious value up front.

Once those subscribers are on your list, you can use Aweber to send follow up messages which offer high-quality value while promoting and educating people about your products and services. Try to avoid loading your messages with aggressive sales pitches. Just provide them with real solutions and content that brings results.

You’ll soon realize that people will get to know, like, and trust you because you continuously send them meaningful information. Remember, you can market and promote to your list forever, or until they unsubscribe.

The longer you maintain this relationship with them, the more likely they are to buy what you have to sell.

The use of an Aweber autoresponder enables you to contact and keep in touch with all your prospects 24/7, 365 days a year, without actually having to do anything.

Aweber offers a $1 trial month for all new customers.

You’ll have access to all features a paid account is entitled to: unlimited
lists, email campaigns, automatic follow-ups, broadcasts, and many,
many more.

If after 30 days you don’t like them, just let them know and Aweber will
give you your $1 back. Guaranteed.

==>Start building your list with Aweber today



Richard Petrillo
Richard Petrillo

Hey Tyronne, Nice write up on Aweber! It's a great service that has served me well for the last couple of years. The customer support is awesome too. One of my favorite features is the Broadcast tool were you can schedule an email to go out on a particular day, time and list. They just announced a new drag and drop Broadcast Editor tool in beta, can't wait to see what that's all about. Drag and Drop email is how they are advertising it. I'm also a fan of the pop-up opt-in box. You've got a great one and I would love to learn how to add a similar one to my site. Thanks again! RichardP

Charles Holmes
Charles Holmes

I've been an Aweber customer for a few years now and complete love their services. They are priced fairly and definitely overdeliver. They have my business for a long time, as long as they keep providing value.


Hey Akos, I got a call myself and a welcome letter in the mail as well, their customer service is second to none.


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