A Simple Marketing Routine For Top Google Rankings

by Tyronne

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simple marketing routine

Google is the most trafficked site on the planet…and if you’re able to position yourself on the front page ( i.e. top 10 search results ) you can drive waves of traffic to your blog, websites and capture pages.

By taking just a few minutes to do a little keyword research before creating your blog posts, articles or videos you can maximize your exposure and get found by thousands, even millions of people on the most popular search engine around.

So here is your simple marketing routine for top google rankings.

1.Take some time to do keyword research using a keyword research tool such as the Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai, take a few minutes to find keywords or keyword phrases that have little competition ( less than 100,000 SEOC ) but are getting a minimum of 10 clicks ( estimated # of clicks you’d expect per day if you were to lock down the top spot on Google).

2.Create and publish your blog post: Create a keyword rich, keyword dense post with at least 500 words. Link your image and call to action at the end of your post to a capture page using a trackable link. ( Use google url builder,bit.ly or hypertracker to create a trackable link). Include your target keyword in the blog title,headings and tags. Use ALL IN ONE SEO PACK plugin to optimize your posts making sure to include the title, description and keywords.

3.Submit your post to article directories: Use an article submission tool to submit to the top article directories. Include a trackable link to the the resource box directing readers to a capture page or blog. Article Marketing Robot is an awesome article submission tool I happened to use my self.

4.Submit your post to posterous: Copy and paste your blog post to posterous keeping all the links intact. ( Visit http://posterous.com to set up a free account – make sure to set up as many services as you can). Update the trackable links in the blog post image and the call to action.

5.Submit your post to BetterNetworker: Copy and paste your blog post to BetterNetworker keeping all the links intact. ( Visit http://betternetworker.com to set up a free account ).Update the trackable links in the blog post image and the call to action.

6.Submit your article link from BetterNetworker post to Posterous: Copy the link to your BetterNetworker article from your browser, return to Posterous, create a new post and do the following:

Give a title to your post that is similar but not the same title as your original blog post, article post or BetterNetworker post. Make sure to include your keyword/keyword phrase.

Write a one sentence line similar to this: Check out this great article from BetterNetworker on How To Get On The First Page of Google ( if your keyword phrase is “First Page of Google” make this a hyperlink back to the BetterNetworker article).

7.Get more google juice on Facebook: To create more backlinks and strengthen your rankings on Google submit your original blog post and BetterNetworker post to Facebook, adding it to a minimum of 5 niche specific groups.

Perform this simple routine each and every time you create a new blog post and you will find yourself locking down the top spots on Google for multiple keywords related to your niche, driving more traffic and capturing more leads for your business. This equals more money for you!







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