A Funded Proposal In A Nutshell

by Tyronne

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funded proposal
I’m pretty sure you are a network marketer and were curious about this whole concept of a funded proposal. If you have no idea what a funded proposal is then this is definitely an article you want to take a look at.In this article i’ll give you an idea of what a funded proposal is and why it’s the only way to have a successful mlm business regardless of what company you may be in.

Just so you know, I believe the internet will completely level the playing field for people who get into network marketing, regardless of skill level,experience,circle of influence, etc.

Before I get into the meat of this article let me explain to you the slow and painful way to build a mlm business and a couple things you want to avoid to save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Sharing Your Opportunity With Your Warm Market (Friends and Family)

Naturally this would seem to be the best place to start when launching your mlm business. The problem with this approach for most people is that their warm market are not home based business owners to begin with or will label network marketing as another one of those “pyramid things”, especially when you start using language like,”all you have to do is get three, and they get three, and so on…

Buying Leads

So now you’ve gotten through your warm market if you even did that, and now you resort to buying leads. As I will explain later in this article, this will not be necessary when you lead with a funded proposal and not your company.

Spamming The Internet

We are in the information age and I truly understand the power of the internet but spamming forums and social media sites with your opportunity will just do more harm than good. What you will see are a lot people promoting their businesses by sending you to a company replicated website that thousands of other reps have as well, or they’ll talk about how their company product has a high ORAC value, which screams amateur, who wants that type of reputation?

So What Is A Funded Proposal?

It’s actually a really simple concept if you think about it. In a funded proposal what you do first is offer a low-cost solution to your target market, which in this case, would be struggling network marketers who are tired of a lot of the old school methods I just explained, or  people who may want to get into the network marketing industry who are on the internet looking for information. Your low-cost solution should be under the $50 range because it’s easier for someone to part with a small amount like that, than say $1,000.

Here are a couple benefits of a  funded proposal:

1. Instant cashflow to cover marketing expenses.

2. You build a list of highly targeted leads who have an interest in what you have to offer. These are also potential reps for business

3. You get a chance to train and educate your prospects who might be your future business partners.

4. It gets your new reps into postive cashflow immediately which would create serious momentum for your organization and would decrease attrition .

The great thing about this concept is that you target a group of people (network marketers) who already believe in the business model, plus they are business opportunity buyers, not just business opportunity seekers. You offer value in the form of tools, training, and resources to help them get into profit mode in their business and get them off on the right foot. By offering this type of value you instantly position yourself as a leader and someone people will want to get into the business with.

Well there is a funded proposal in a nutshell, make sure you stop by my recommended tools section to get the book that opened me up to whole new world of marketing I never new existed, you can get it right here.









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