A Few Linkbuilding Strategies You Can Use Post Penguin

by Tyronne

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In this article I want to go over some link building strategies you can use post penguin, so lets begin! Google basically wants you to create content on your site so that people see value in your site and link to it naturally. But following this strategy could take you a lot of time to actually see results. Here are a couple things you can do to accelerate your linkbuilding and stay out of Google’s doghouse.

Study different blog posts and leave relevant comments or when you feel confident in doing so. This is a linkbuilding strategy that has withstood the test of time, they may not be high quality backlinks, but good to have nonetheless. I usually go by two rules when commenting on other blogs, they’re blogs in my niche and they’re blogs that get a significant amount of traffic. I see a lot of people using automated software to get thousands of blog comments but that’s probably something to stay away from. I’ve heard of people getting penalized for setting up thousands of forum profiles to get backlinks to their site, so I’m guessing Google feels the same way about blog comments as well.

Forum marketing is another effective strategy for traffic generation post penguin. Let me get this out of the way, it’s only effective if you do forum marketing the right way, like I stated above, don’t think you’ll get hordes of traffic to your site if your using automated software to setup thousands of forum profiles, it won’t work! I won’t go into detail on this strategy right now, here is a blog post on that marketing strategy right here.

Guest blogging is another thing I plan on doing in the near future. This is an awesome way to get targeted traffic to your site. If you don’t know, guest blogging is when you do a guest post on another blog. It’s an awesome strategy if you think about it, you get a whole lot of exposure, and if you’re lucky they may even let you promote your products as well. And of course the blogger that is letting you guest post is getting quality content (least that’s what I’m hoping) on their site.

Create content that is so good that sites naturally link to it.  This is what we call linkbait. Write a blog post about the Top 50 Network Marketing Companies or 30 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Blog, these are just examples, but you get the picture. People like to read these types of posts. These type of posts should be around 1,000 to 1,500 words, if it takes a couple days to do your research and create the content, then do it, epic content is more important than anything else going forward.

Submit your articles to the top article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles. These article directories get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. When you submit your articles to these type of sites, they usually let you put two links in your resource box that can point back to a blog post or even a lead capture page.  If you’re an article marketer like I am, I would stay away from blasting crappy backlinks to your site, but that is just my advice. Even if you get one backlink from the article you submitted to one of these directories, you’re getting a high quality backlink. Just outsource your article writing, you could have a hundred or so articles on EzineArticles within a month, money well spent!

There you go, a few strategies you can use to get high quality backlinks and keep you penguin proof, these will probably work years from now.

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