A Couple Places To Get High Quality Backlinks

by Tyronne

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When your doing your backlink building it’s like funneling traffic to your site or blog. Without backlinks all you have is a website on the internet that only YOU know about and nobody else.

The more backlinks you have going to your site the better chance of your site being found or should I say better search engines rankings. Google will reward you accordingly.

We need backlinks to move our way up the search engines.

We need a couple places to get high quality backlinks and the way we do that is by finding websites that already have a high page rank, we’re basically “piggy backing” off of the sites that already get tons of traffic and in turn giving them what they want which is valuable content.  Go to a blog post that has a high page rank and leave a comment , once your comment is accepted by the owner of that blog you now have yourself a high quality backlink! Then all you do is copy the url of your comment ,go to pingler.com and ping it to let the search engines know of the update.

Here are a couple other places to get high quality backlinks

Post  links back to your blog post on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. After you write a blog post you can head over to Facebook and start posting away on your group walls. Easy way to get some referral traffic plus you’re not just posting some affiliate link or business opportunity which screams AMATEUR and only hurts your brand. Share your posts across twitter as well.

While you’re at it why not join the BetterNetworker community which is an awesome place where you can submit your articles to and get that high quality backlink back to your blog.

I’m more into quality than quantity when getting backlinks from the social bookmarking sites on the internet. Digg, Stumbleupon, and Reddit are the three social bookmarking sites that I use for that. These three sites get massive amounts of traffic each and every day.

Forum marketing to this day is an easy and free way to get traffic to your site. The Warrior Forum is a place where some of the biggest internet marketers in the game today hang out and share ideas. They provide you with a signature box where you can leave a link back to your site.  As long as you’re a regular contributor and lead with value you’ll get some traffic back to your blog.

Well there you go, I guess the point I want to drive home is quality is more important than quantity a lot of the time, focus on these couple of high page rank sites when building backlinks and you should get some love from Google in no time.

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