A 4 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Make More Money

by Tyronne

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Folloaffiliate marketing strategywing this simple 4 step affiliate marketing strategy will make you more money online.

Here is your 4 step affiliate marketing strategy

1.Purchase the product yourself and learn how to use it so you can achieve the results you want. You essentially want to solve a problem with the product you just purchased so you can turn around and sell it as well. In my case I wanted to optimize my blog posts for SEO so I could get better google rankings, so I purchased this wordpress SEO plugin.

2.At this point you want to document the results you have achieved before sharing the product and what it’s done for you with other people. Your going to share these results with other people when you’re ready to make money. If you get really good results and your solving a big problem, the easier it will be to make sales. In my case, since I’m using SEOPressor as an example, I could shoot a video tutorial and show people how to use SEOPressor to better their on-page SEO, this is an awesome example to use because I could show people results right away. I’m showing someone step-by-step how to use the product.

3.Put together a step-by-step guide to show people how you are using the product and go over the problem that it solved, then simply offer them the product through your affiliate link so they too can solve that same problem.

4. This is the last step of the affiliate marketing strategy. Get your step-by-step guide in front of your target market for the product, and watch your affiliate marketing commissions come pouring in.

I use this very same affiliate marketing strategy with attraction marketing to generate free mlm leads for my primary business. These are the best type of leads to acquire, because not only do I get to build a list of people who know, like, and trust me, but also a list of people who have spent money with me as well.

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