8 Ways To Promote Your Newly Published Blog Post

by Tyronne

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One thing people struggle with when blogging is knowing what to do after publishing a  blog post. You see, the hardest part about blogging isn’t creating content, which a lot of people are led to believe. The hardest part about blogging is what you do after you create your content. Knowing how to promote your blog content and get it seen by the massess is key to your blogging success. In this post I’ll go over a few ways you can promote your content after you publish a blog post.

1– The first thing I do after publishing a blog post is submit the URL to Pingler.com. I like this method because Pingler pings other pinging services as well. No need to overdo it and add some enormous ping list to your WordPress blog. Use pingler and you’re good to go as far as pinging is concerned.

2 – After I submit my site to Pingler it’s off to Google+. When submitting your URL to Google+,make sure you add a description with the keyword in it. Don’t just share your link, also make sure the description is keyword optimized. You can even italicise or bold your keyword for emphasis if you want to. Check out the formatting rules for Google+ below.

I am italic Text ==> begin & end text with_ (underscore)
I am bold Text ==> use a * before and after
I am italic and bold Text ==> begin & end text with _*
I am strike through Text ==> begin & end text with strikeout – (hyphen)

3 – After Google+ I post to my facebook timeline. If for some reason I published my post in the morning or afternoon I’ll wait till the evening hours to post since those are peak hours (think primetime television). Again, keyword optimize the description,don’t just post to facebook without adding a little commentary.

4– The next thing you should do is leave comments on blogs in your niche. This is a great way to get a few manual backlinks (natural ones). I like leaving comments on blogs that have commentluv enabled because after you leave a comment it shows a clickable title of the last blog post you published. I use a free tool called Drop My Link to find different types of blogs (.edu blogs,.gov blogs,livefyre blogs,commentluv blogs,etc) to leave comments on. You can check that out right here.

5 – The next thing I do is tweet my blog post to my 1,600+ followers on Twitter. Again, I try to do this during peak hours to be more effective. You can follow me on Twitter and I’ll promise to follow you back!

6 – After posting to Twitter I use a powerful linkbuilding service called Social Monkee. For $47 a year, I can submit 3 URLS a day to 100 sites (300 backlinks a day). That’s an absolute steal for what you get!

7 – Another great way to get traffic to your blog post is checking to see if your post can answer someone’s question on a place like the Warrior Forum or Yahoo Answers. This is a great way to get instant traffic to your blog. I won’t go into detail about how to use Forums and Q & A sites for traffic. Here’s a great tutorial on that right here.

8 – Another thing you can do is create a quick YouTube video outlining the main points of your blog post. Kind of wet the viewers appetite,but don’t give away the farm. Then at the end of your YouTube video tell them if they want to get more information about what you just mentioned to click the link in the description box below (the link to your blog post). This is a great way to get referral traffic from YouTube.

Well there you go, 8 things you can do to promote your newly published blog post. Any suggestions? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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