8 Unique Ways To Make Money Online In 2014

by Tyronne

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If you’ve been around the make money online (MMO) crowd for a few years you’ve probably heard your fair share of ways to make money using the internet. In this post I’ll show you 8 unique ways to make money online that you seldom hear marketers talking about. Check them out below.

1 -Chase affiliate launches – This is where you make money promoting different affiliate launches. There are people that make 6 figures with this strategy alone. There are different ways you can do this. You can promote different affliate offers to your existing list, or maybe you like creating affiliate review sites and getting them to rank on google. I like the latter strategy. What you do is create small affiliate review sites around the name of the product you’re promoting. Go to GoDaddy.com and try to buy a domain name with the name of the product + bonus. Say the name of the product is Futuristic Marketing. You would basically add the word bonus to the end of the domain name (futuristicmarketingbonus.com). Get that domain to rank on google and watch your affiliate commissions come rolling in!

Quick note – The reason why this strategy works is because people “in the know” will type the name of the product + bonus into google looking for affiliate marketers who offer bonuses. This strategy of offering bonuses to make affiliate sales is called “value stacking” and is the best way to get someone to buy through your affiliate link. Check out this course for more information about this lucrative business model.

2- Generate leads for businesses – This is a great way to make money online because you’re really not selling anything. This is where you generate leads for companies and they pay you a commission. Did you know you can make hundreds of dollars by getting someone to complete an insurance quote online? This is called “Pay Per Lead” marketing. Companies will pay you big money to generate leads for them because they know it’s a numbers game. Yah, maybe only 1 out of those 10 leads you generate for them become a customer, but think about the lifetime value of that 1 customer.  These million dollar companies know what they’re doing when it comes to this type of business model. Extremely lucrative for them and for you!

3 – Become a solo ad vendor – Solo ads are a fast and easy way to drive traffic to a lead capture page. But there are many advantages to being a solo ad vendor. Why? Because solo ad vendors only have to sell clicks,people are willing to pay big money to get clicks (traffic) to their sites.

4 – Sell content – A lof of successful internet marketers (IMers) make great money by writing and selling articles to others (being a ghostwriter), or hiring someone else to write content and then selling that content at a higher price to others. This is what we call arbitrage. Or even better, just using software to create content,editing the content and then selling it to others. You can check out more information about this business model right here.


5- Sell consulting via skype – Are you an expert at something? Why not sell your knowledge in the form of one-on-one coaching? Even if you have clients overseas just use Skype to do your consulting. I know people that make a killing online with this strategy alone. People are willing to pay you big bucks for your knowledge. Your job is to go out and find those people. The key is to have them pay you up front before you do any kind of consulting. If you and your client both have a paypal account you’re in business. One more thing, always remember to undersell and over deliver! Integrity is crucial with this type of strategy!


6 – Sell Fiverr gigs – If you’re an SEO geek like myself you know the power of Fiverr! Most internet marketers use Fiverr gigs for various aspects of their business (linkbuilding,web design,video marketing,etc). But you can also make a killing by sellling gigs and becoming a vendor. I know people who make a full time income selling linkbuilding campaigns from services they use every month. Think about it, say you have a subscription to Magic Submitter ($67/month). Why not offer someone a Magic Submitter blast for $5.  A few of those and your service is paid for.

7- Set up blogs for local businesses – There are local businesses in your area that don’t have the slightest clue how to setup a WordPress site. Even if you’re a small business owner, having an online presence is crucial because it’s a way to drive foot traffic into your place of business. You could easily make a few grand per month setting up websites for small business owners.

8 – Putting on workshops for small businesses – This is more of an offline strategy but it does involve internet marketing. What you could do is teach small businesses in your area how to set up an autoresponder like Aweber,GetResponse,etc. You’d be surprise how many people who run small businesses that don’t know what an autoresponder is. Even if your an offline business,building an optin list with an email service like Aweber can help generate new business and keep people informed about promotional offers. Setup workshops in your area teaching business owners the power of email marketing with Aweber!

Well there you go, 8 unique ways to make money online in 2014. Have anything to add to the list? Give me your thoughts in the comments section below!

To your continued success

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