8 Online Business Models That Work In 2014

by Tyronne

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Man,it has been tough for internet marketers the last few years. Google has been slapping affiliates around left and right and it seems like Facebook is making changes every other day. Overall it’s been really hard for a lot of us internet marketers. So if you’re looking for another income stream online or looking to build an online business from scratch,here are 8 online business models that I believe are here to stay. Check them out below.

1 – Information Marketing – Selling your own information products is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Actually, you don’t even need your own info products to make money with this business model. Simply go to an affiliate network like Clickbank or JVZoo and find the information products that are top sellers in your chosen niche.


2 – Pay Per Call – Did you know that most local businesses don’t know how to generate leads using the internet? Pay per call is a business strategy that involves generating leads online for local businesses. You see,the only thing businesses ultimately want is more leads/potential customers calling them, so you can guess they’ll pay you good money if you can generate leads for them. Here’s an awesome 6 part series explaining how you can set up your very own pay per call business using the internet as a medium. Click here for your free mini course.


3 – Niche Marketing – Niche marketing is a great way to make quick money online. The secret to success with this business model is to do sound keyword research. If you don’t know, niche marketing is when you create small niche sites (sort of like mini blogs) around undiscovered niches (in most cases). Let’s use the Health niche as an example. We all know this is one of the most competitive niches online,but there are also thousands of sub-niches within the health niche that we can build a site around. People type into Google tons of obscure keywords (ones that get 500-1,000 searches per month) that have low competition. So if we can create sites around these keywords we don’t neccesariliy have to do to much SEO/promotion to get these sites to rank. That’s the power of niche marketing! Check out my man Spencer Hawes for more info about this exciting online business model.

4 – Membership Sites – Membership sites are one of the most lucrative business models online. Imagine setting up a membership site once and getting paid over and over again for years. Your membership site should consist of core information (the fundamentals) plus weekly or monthly updates (cutting edge training,trends in your industry). These updates are usually in the form of webinars or daily calls. Probably the best way to make residual income online.

5 – Publishing – Online publishing is a great way to make money online,and the best way to get into the publishing business is to publish kindle books. Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform is the hottest thing right now,more and more people are buying their books on kindle instead of buying them hard bound.

6 – Services – If you have a skill or some sort of specialized knowledge — you can charge people money for it. Services make up a great portion of a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). You can also charge for consultations if you have a skill that people know very little about. Here are a few services that come to mind:

-SEO Services
-Copywriting Services
-Web Design Services
-Link Building Services
-Writing Services
-Google Map Optimization
-Mobile Marketing
-On Page Optimization

7 – Blogging – Blogging was around when internet marketing was in it’s infancy. It’s more of a long term strategy but can payoff tremendously if you stick with it. The reason why it’s a long term strategy is because you have to create a shit load of content and establish your own unique brand (differentiate yourself from thousands of other bloggers). On top of all that, you need to build community and be able to monetize the traffic that comes to your site. I highly suggest you check out my friend Derek Halpern at Social Triggers, he knows a thing or two about creating a kick ass blog!

8 – Selling Software – Over the last couple of years software products have become increasingly more popular. You got desktop software,browser-based software (online software),and WordPress plugins just to name of a few. In the internet marketing niche software is built with a few different purposes in mind,check out a few of them below:

-Link Building
-Traffic Generation
-Social Media

If you come up with an idea for a software product you can make money on;simply hire a software programmer to get it coded. After that, get a sales letter created from the Warrior Forum and you’re basically a few JV partners away from a massive product launch!

Another great way to sell software is by charging a monthly subscription fee. There are internet marketers out there that have no problem spending a few hundred dollars a month to gain access to a piece of software. If you charged $50 a month to give people access to your software,you would only need 200 customers to make $10,000 per month. My friend Jonathan Leger (I believe he makes 7 figures a year) has perfected this business model. Programmers can develop any software you desire, and best of all they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to hire!

Well there you go, 8 online business models to make money with. Have any suggestions? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below!

To your continued internet marketing success,

Tyronne Ratcliff

















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