7 Ways To Improve User Experience On Your Site

by Tyronne

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It’s a given,if you want to rank well on the search engines you’re going to have to improve the user experience on your site. The major search engines place major importance on user experience because it’s something you have complete control over. In this quick post I’ll give you 7 ways to improve  user experience on your site. Enjoy!

1 – Fix any broken links – Nothing is worse for user experience than broken links on your site. Having broken links on your site looks unprofessional and makes it harder for the google bots to crawl your site. I have a handy wordpress plugin called Broken Link Checker to help you out with that. You can get that right here.

2 – Write better anchor text – When you do internal linking on your site, don’t focus too much on using exact match anchor text. What’s more important is user experience. Use call to action words like “click here” and “click right here” when using anchor text for internal links. Get better at giving the user an idea of what’s on the next page when they click your internal link anchors.

3- Embed More Videos In Your Blog Posts – Implementing video in your blog posts helps with user engagement which in turn will keep people on your site longer. Time on site is an important metric and good for your on-page SEO. Embed more videos so people are on your site longer, the longer people are on your site the better chance you have of getting an optin or making a sale!

4- Provide Value – I get it, we are in business to make money. But the 80/20 rule will always apply. Make sure that 80 percent of your content is value based and the other 20 percent selling. There are companies out there that make millions of dollars a year that stick to this rule,it works!

5 – Reply To Comments – One of the best ways to improve user experience on your site is by replying to ALL of your comments. Replying to comments is considered good etiquette plus it helps with engagement. Not only will this help with engagement, it will also encourage people to come back to your blog. Repeat visitors are absolutely crucial if you want blogging to work for you.

6 – Optimize Your Site For Mobile – 80% of my reading is done with a mobile device (Ipod Touch). Optimizing your site for mobile devices is absolutely critical because so many people read while on the go and use their mobile devices to do it. I use a free wordpress plugin called WP Touch. You can get that for FREE right here.

7 – Link Out To Credible Sources – Don’t be afraid to link out to other credible people in your niche. If you just read a killer post on mlm recruiting don’t be afraid to link out to it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so if you have the ability to link out to a credible source do it! This will help with the user experience more than you can imagine.

Well there you go, a few ways to improve the user experience on your site. Don’t hesitate to add to this list in the comments section below.

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