7 Tactics That Will Help You Sell Your Stuff Like Hotcakes

by Tyronne

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sales tactics

Tactic #1 – Make sure you have an “irresistible

An irresisible offer is an offer that your
target market can’t refuse.

Dominoes pizza was actually built on the concept
of the irresistible offer…

“Pizza hot and fresh to your door in
30 minutes or less… or it’s free” 

You see,who wouldn’t take Dominoes pizza up on
that irresistible offer! You get the point. On to sales
tactic #2…

Tactic #2 – Inject urgency into your sales pieces to
get people to take action NOW.

Urgency is a great way of getting people off of the fence
and buying your stuff. A lot of the time all it takes is a little
urgency to push people over the edge and get them to take
out their credit card and buy!

Tactic #3 – Use your market’s language

Speak the language of your target market and use the
words they use. This will let them know that you understand
them (and that you’re just like them) plus it builds trust like
you wouldn’t believe.

Tactic #4 – Have a call to action in a prominent place

The best crafted sales piece in the world won’t mean a hill
of beans without a call to action. Always make sure you
have a call to action in a place that can be easily seen. Guide
the prospect to where they need to go to buy your product or
service. Get them to take action by simply telling them to!

Tactic #5 – Don’t attract problem customers.

Make sure your marketing & sales pieces attract the right
kind of customer. Always remember you have complete
control over the type of person your business attracts. Repel the customers
that’ll create a nightmare for your business.

Tactic #6 – Offer a bonus

Whether you’re promoting an affiliate product,biz-opp or
service,offering a bonus is a great way to get people off
of the fence and buying your stuff. This is a sales tactic called
“value stacking” since your stacking value on top of value.
Try it some time,you’re wallet will thank you for it!

Tactic #7 – Speak to THEIR wants,needs,desires &

Always remember that your prospects are focused on what’s
in it for them (WIIFM). Make sure your marketing speaks to their wants,
needs,desires & pain points,NOT YOURS!

There you go,7 tactics that will help you sell your stuff like hotcakes!

Have any sales tactics that I haven’t mentioned in this post? If
so let me know in the comments section below!



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