A Simple 6-Step Plan To Sell Absolutely Anything Online

by Tyronne

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When selling products and services online,there are things you NEED and things that are simply optional. And of course there are things that are a complete waste of your time! In this post I’d like to share with you 6 things you will need to have set up throughout your internet marketing career. You will absolutely need these things if you want to set up shop online and be in business for yourself. Let use get started.


1 – A Website – If you’re serious about selling stuff online you need a website,a website is a place that people land on (landing page) and discover who YOU are and what you have to sell. There are different types of “landing pages” you can use. You can use a lead capture page or even a simple webpage on your blog.

Web hosting companies like HostGator and Bluehost make setting up a website a piece of cake.


2 – A product to sell – A product is a packaged set of solutions that solves a common problem people have. Think about it,do you really think someone is going to give you their hard earned money if you don’t provide them a solution to their problem? If you don’t have the skills and resources to create your own products to sell no problem! There are sites like Clickbank and JVZoo that have all kinds of products whose owners are willing share their revenue with you when you help them acquire customers.


3 – A way to collect money – There are all sorts of different ways to collect money. If you sell products off of Clickbank and JVZoo all of the payment processing is done for you. Of course there are other options as well. You can actually have people call in and give you their credit card number or even a simple PayPal button will work.


4 – A way to database your leads –It’s hard to sell a product on first contact,so you need a way to collect and database past visitors to your site who showed an interest in your products and services. You need a piece of technology called an auto-responder,I recommend Aweber. Aweber makes it easy to database your leads and send out bulk email. It’s also great for creating optin forms as well.


5 – Followup strategy – This is the most important step of all and where most online marketers drop the ball. You need an effective followup strategy if you want to sell your products and services online or even offline. It’s really not that difficult. The key to being successful with email is consistency. If you email daily and people have an interest in what you have to say (you’re entertaining and provide value) email followup will work for you,plus you’ll make sales! If you want to crush it with email marketing I highly suggest you check out this course.

6 – Traffic (visitors to your site) – And of course you need eyeballs on your offers (traffic). There are tons of different ways to get traffic to your offers. I personally love SEO and driving traffic from the search engines. Pick one traffic strategy you have an interest in and master it. I understand we are in business to make money, but that can’t be your only motivation. What traffic strategy will get you hopping out of bed in the morning excited to start your day? If you have a passion for what you do you’ll be great at it, you want to master traffic gen,trust me on that one!

Well there you go,6 things you will need throughout your career as an internet marketer. Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments section below!









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