6 MLM Tips To Build A Massive Downline

by Tyronne

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mlm tips

Building an enormous downline in network marketing takes a lot of time,effort, and strategic thinking.

It’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart. A lot of people think that if they go out there and work really hard that the results will show, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pitching hundreds of people on a weekly basis and then believing you’ll enroll them and make this massive fortune is the wrong way of thinking, you have to be more strategic. Below are a couple of mlm tips to get you started on the fast track.

Here are 6 MLM Tips To Get You Going

MLM Tip #1
It’s important that you look at the big picture. Contrary to popular belief network marketing isn’t just about recruiting. Recruiting is a pretty simple process. You generate leads, they enter your funnel, you train and teach them on a few things then get them in front of a presentation. The end goal should be to build a massive downline and have a team that keeps growing without your involvement.

MLM Tip #2
The second tip is to build a personal email list. You’ve probably heard that the money is in the list, it’s true! I guarantee you most network marketers aren’t doing this. If you already market online you probably know this. The great thing about having a personal email list is you can personally send out messages to your subscribers. We all know people join people not business opportunities.

MLM Tip #3
This should probably go without saying, but I thought I’d mention it. You’re definitely leaving money on the table if you’re not implementing a sales funnel in your mlm business. I wrote an article about what a sales funnel is that should give you some insight. Your sales funnel is what you use to create relationships with your leads. Some point in your sales funnel you can offer your list an inexpensive info product to help them in their business. This will create upfront cashflow for your business and will put people on your buyers list. Once they are on your buyers list you can repeatedly sell them stuff and then at some point you can show them your opportunity.

MLM Tip #4
Putting on video presentations and webinars. If you’re not using video to build your mlm business it’s probably because you’re afraid to get yourself out there and you have a fear of the camera. Doing video presentations sell a whole lot better than  text. All you have to do is record some high quality video using software like PowerPoint or Camtasia and put it in to your auto-responder sequence.  You can literally put your recruiting on auto-pilot. But the perfect mix is if you setup a video presentation and then do a voice over of a PowerPoint presentation. Then you can have real life footage of you talking with some text below the video. And then you obviously need a signup button. The webinars are just as powerful! What I like about this tactic is you can have these opportunity webinars on a weekly basis, all you do is have your team send people to a registration page and then during the webinar either you or an expert can do the selling.

MLM Tip # 5

You always want be in selling mode. You can sell info products to people on your team and even to people who are not. It starts to get fun when you have a lot of people on your list. They see you, hear you and read your stuff. So they are constantly being exposed to the information products you’re promoting. Some of them will buy which will put money in your pocket. They will be trained on how to do a lot of cool things which will require them to purchase stuff like hosting, domain names, autresponders and various other tools and resources. Remember Amway? The top producers in Amway made a boatload of money selling tools like CD’s,books and other personal developement products. The awesome thing about network marketers is that they’re not opportunity seekers they’re opportunity buyers! The great thing about having an mlm organization is you have a massive group of buyers who have money to spend.

MLM Tip #6

Don’t do what works do what duplicates! You can’t just be recruiting all the time. You need to have a duplicatable system in place so that the people  you’re recruiting into the business can put money in their pocket as soon as possible. What I’ve learned from the experience of other network marketers was that their biggest struggles had to do with having their downline duplicate their results. What you need is tools, training, and a step-by-step blueprint for the people in your business. Without this they’ll end up following your company’s training which will only teach them a lot of the old school tactics, which are still effective, but only for a select few! Then what you need is some training in online marketing like traffic generation and a host of other things that I’ll explain in another post. Having weekly training webinars are good for that type of thing.

Let me know of any mlm tips you have in mind in the comments section below

I believe at the end of the day what will determine your success in this industry is your ingenuity and creativeness, this will definitely be the case going into 2012 and beyond.

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mlm tips

mlm tips

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