5 Ways To Encourage User Activity On Your Blog

by Tyronne

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facebook advertising guidelinesDo visitors land on the pages of your site only to press the back button on their browser? Stop losing money to unresponsive visitors! Make sure you’re encouraging your visitors to actively participate on your blog (commenting,social sharing,etc). In this post I’ll show you a few ways you can encourage your readers to be interactive on your blog.

Encourage readers to subscribe to your mailing list
– One of the best ways to encourage user activity and build community on your blog is by getting your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. So every time you publish a new blog post you can simply email your list and let them know that you’ve updated your blog. When you send out the email make sure you encourage your subscribers to share your post to their social networks.

Request comments on blog posts – The easiest way to get your visitors to comment is to simply ask them to! At the end of your blog posts simply ask your readers a question and then ask them to leave their thoughts in the comments section. This is a great way to drive post-based activity on your site.

 Install social sharing tools on your blog – A good way to get your visitors to engage with your content is by installing social sharing tools on your blog. I use a plugin called Sharebar. What I like about it is that it hovers over your blog posts making it easy for your visitors to share your content to their social networks.

Create content in different formats – To get better responsiveness I’ve been doing more video and trying to create content in different formats. Don’t just do text-based posts, try to mix in a little video and audio if you can. This will encourage user activity on your site because you’ll be appealing to the different preferences that people have.

Get your readers to read related posts – When you start getting visitors to your site you want them on your site as long as you possibly can. I use a neat little plugin called Related Posts by Zemanta to help me with that. What it does is add related posts to the foot of each blog post. It’s a great way to encourage your visitors to read other posts related to the one they just read.

There you go, a few ways to encourage user activity on your site. Let me know of any creative ways to encourage more user activity in comments section below!

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