5 Tips To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ads Disapproved

by Tyronne

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facebook advertising guidelines

Tip#1 –  Take the time to go through Facebook’s ad guidelines, this will save you a lot of headaches and frustration. You can read over them by clicking on the link below:


Tip#2 –  No mentioning of MLM,Network Marketing, or Facebook in your ads. You will see people place ads with the terms  ‘MLM’ or ‘network marketing’ in the ad copy,what they don’t know is that their ads will eventually get taken down. If you decide to do any advertising with facebook, make sure you open up a separate account specifically for placing ads. Keep it separate from your personal facebook account. The reason why I’m saying this is because you can get your entire account shutdown if they don’t like how you’re placing your ads.

Tip #3 – Don’t talk in 2nd person. Here is an example of 2nd person below:

“Discover How YOU Can Make $1,000 Per Day Using This Simple Underground Technique…

Ad copy like this would get your ad disapproved. Make sure you stay away from the word ‘YOU’ in your ad copy. You can’t tell someone how they can make X amount of dollars doing X.

The examples below are ok because your saying how YOU yourself did something or how someone else has achieved something in their business.

“Discover How I Went From Waiting Tables To blah blah blah… “

“Discover How A Former Broke Mom Went From Making X Amount Of Dollars To blah blah blah…”

Tip#4 – If you’re doing a promoted story make sure the image in your ad doesn’t have too much text in it.This is a new rule they created just recently.

Tip#5 – If your ad keeps getting disapproved you might be using a tracking link that they’ve banned advertisers from using or a website that is prohibited. There were a few marketers that were using a certain tracking service and their ads kept on getting disapproved, meaning if you’re using that same tracking service your ads will get disapproved as well. Hypertracker is the tracking service that got banned and almost all ads that promote the Empower Network won’t get approved as well.

Well I’m hoping you got something out of this article,before you decide to start running facebook ads make sure you go through their ad guidelines so you save yourself time and frustration.

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