5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Better Results With Your Blog

by Tyronne

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Blogging is a great way to generate leads and sales…it’s also a great way to brand YOU as an authority. With all of that being said,blogging won’t work for you if you’re not doing the right things. In this quick post, I’d like to share with you 5 things you can do right now to get better results with your blog. Let’s get started.

1. Add a popup to collect leads

The primary reason to grow a blog is to capture leads and build a list.From my experience,the most effective way to build a list is with a timed popup. I use AWeber to create my popups…it works like gangbusters. Optin Monstor also has a great popup builder.


2. Add an optin form to your right-hand sidebar

But not any kind of optin form! Add a clickable image that leads to an optin form. This will allow you to track your efforts. Another thing,make sure the link that goes to your optin form opens up in another tab.


3 . Install a professional looking theme

Creating stellar content is absolutely crucial if you want to build a successful blog,but don’t overlook design! The overall look and feel of your blog is just as important. Installing a professional looking theme will help you with this. Your blog is a reflection of your brand. I highly recommend this theme RIGHT HERE.


4. Add a retargeting pixel

Another great way to build an email list is by adding a retargeting pixel to your website. A retargeting pixel allows you to place a pixel on the computers of your site visitors so you can advertise to them on other advertising platforms. It’s a marketing strategy called remarketing and works like gangbusters from what I hear.


5. Add a tools page

One of the most visited pages on my website is my tools page. If you don’t know, a tools page is a page on your website devoted to sharing with your visitors tools and resources you use to build your online business. If you don’t have one,get one put on your blog ASAP. Have a tools page is a great blog monetization strategy.

Well there you go.5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to get better results with your blog. Have any tips to share with the community?

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