5 Email Marketing Tips To Get Your Emails Opened,Read,and Clicked

by Tyronne

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email marketing tips and tricks

Everybody seems to talk about traffic all the time. They think that traffic is the holy grail to making money online.

Everybody thinks,hey, if I can get traffic to my offers I can make a boatload of money.

Guess what?

They would be partly correct. Getting traffic is important but you MUST have an effective followup sequence to sell your products and services online,and the best way to do that is with email.

In this post I’d like to go over a few email marketing tips to help get your subscribers to open your emails and get them to click on the links to your offers.

1 – Learn from others – Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to email marketing. Simply model other successful email marketers in your niche. When I started online a few years ago I made sure to subscribe to the newsletters of well known marketing guru’s. I knew they put in the time and money into testing the performance of their emails. This shaved years off my learning curve because I simply followed a few of the key principles they continued to use. Two badass email marketers I highly recommend are Andre Chaperon and Ben Settle.

2 – Personalize your emails – Auto-responder services like Aweber and GetResponse allow for personalization fields. These “tags” allow you to insert data from your mailing list directly into your email campaigns. One thing I like to do is address my subscribers by their first name because it sort of personalizes the emails I send them. The image below is a personlization field addressing my subscribers by their first name. People will engage with you better when you use their first name!



3 – Message content – When writing the body of your email don’t try to write a book. Keep your emails short and to the point. Communicate your intentions in the 1st paragraph of your email. Keep your readers engaged so they don’t lose interest in what you’re saying. I like to keep my paragraphs 3 to 4 lines deep.

Another thing to keep in mind when writing emails is formatting. The width of your emails should be around 10-12 words per line. This keeps your reader’s eyes in one location,understand that most people skim through emails immediately looking for the good content,and the calls to action.


4 – Link placement –  Our #1 objective is to get people to click the links in our emails. ONLY placing links at the bottom of your emails is bad practice as many people will not finish reading your email and your link will never be seen. I try to place a link at the beginning of my email as well to maximize the clicks to my offers,blog posts,videos,etc…


5 – Create subject lines that get opens – The email subject line will make or break you as an email marketer. Does it really matter what the body of your email is if it never gets opened? Think about the size of the average inbox,at any given time I have at least 100 hundred messages I haven’t gotten to. What about the person whose just getting started out? He/she probably has literally thousands of emails in their inbox at one time. The only way to stand out from all of the noise is to use words that draw attention to YOUR emails. Once again, study great email marketers and their email subject lines, what words do they use? Here are a few words that will draw attention to your emails:

Limited Time
Utterly/Completely (Adjective)
Mind Boggling


This is an email marketing tip I can’t believe I’m giving away for free. I learned it from an internet marketing millionaire by the name of Russell Brunson. When you find that winning email subject line also use it as the anchor text in the body of your email. This one trick alone should help with your email click thru rate (CTR). The image below shows this strategy in action:


Well there you go, a few email tips and tricks you can take to the bank.

Have any email marketing tips to share with me and the community?

Let me know in the comments section below!









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